KawaiiPunk writes about our shop

Michael from KawaiiPunk wrote about our kawaii shop in his blog. He even called our shop “Kawaii Superstore” WOW Thanks Michael for this super nice article.

Please visit his blog and read about kawaii news on the internet.
KawaiiPunk Blog
You can even download some super cool kawaiipunk wallpaper for your computer: click here


Children Hello Kitty trousers

A customer of us made a super cute children Hello Kitty trousers with one of our fabrics. She used the cute pink Hello Kitty fabric with Hello Kitty as an angel.

Hello Kitty Trousers

cute children Hello Kitty trousers

Hand made Hello Kitty Dress

Our customer Narada from Germany made this super adorable Hello Kitty dress for her little daughter. She used our Hello Kitty fabric to make this dress. Her cute daughter’s name is Nami and is a Thai-German. Isn’t she super cute?

Nami's new Hello Kitty dress

Nami's new Hello Kitty dress

Monkey Apron made of our fabric

A customer of mine sent me a photo of her apron today. She made it with fabric she ordered in my shop and resold it to one of her customers. Such a cute pink monkey kawaii apron, it’s really an unique special item. Thanks to Lacey from the US. I would be very glad to receive more pictures from my customers with products they bought from us and I would be very happy to blog about them too.

kawaii monkey apron

kawaii monkey apron

Kawaii Blog “Kawaii Gazette”

The writer of the kawaii blog “Kawaii Gazette” was so kind and added our online shop to her link list. In return I would like to mention her blog here. Have a look: Kawaii Gazette

She writes a lot about kawaii items like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and other cute characters from Asia. But be aware, she writes in Italian ;-)

Cuteboo Backlink

The writer of the blog www.cuteboo.com talked about our products in our online shop and recommended them to her readers. Therefore, she deserves a backlink to her blog ;-)

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