First YouTube Subscribers

We have a YouTube channel where we posted a few videos about our office, work and products so far. Today we got our first subscriber! I know that’s nothing really special but I thought it’s a good occassion to mention our YouTube channel here on our blog. Here is the link to our YouTube channel: modes4u YouTube channel We also uploaded a video we took in Tokyo, Japan. We plan to take more movies of our products and our work and upload them on our channel. Please let us know if you have any suggestions what kind of videos you would like to see!

First YouTube Subscribers 1

our YouTube channel

Magazine publishes our hairclips

I got an enquiry from a German magazine editor because they want to publish our cherry hairclips in their magazine. The magazine is a customer magazine for bank customers. Funnily, we are customers with that German bank too 😉 What a coincidence! We will get a copy of the magazine once it is printed. Here are the 2 pictures they got from us:

Magazines publishes our hairclips 1

cherry hairclips

Magazines publishes our hairclips 2

skull cherry hairclips

Our shop is going to be published in a book!

I just realised that I totally forgot to write about some great news: We are going to be published in a book! The French author of the book called “Greediness in dough polymer” (that’s her translation from French, I am sure there is something wrong with it haha), contacted me and said she would like to publish some of our product pictures and our shop name in her book. The book is about polymer clay and what you can do with it. Here is a link to the publisher’s website: EPLibrairie and here you can have a look at the author’s own blog: Atelier Cup of Tea. As you can see on her blog, she uses our animated polymer clay banner. Her name is Valerie Beulet. We will get our own book copy once the book is published. I will definitely post pictures of it on this blog as soon as we get it. 🙂

New animated clay banner

We made a new animated Polymer Clay Banner for our shop. If you like, you can copy this banner and use it on your blogs/websites etc. We also have an animated Kokka fabric banner, which can be downloaded here: Kokka banner (right click and save image) Feel free to comment below and tell us where you show our banner. Thanks!

New animated clay banner

Blog writing about our business

Today I discovered in our Google Analytics account that we got some traffic from a blog called “ckbean“. I was curious what they were writing about our shop and searched for any references about us on that blog. I found out that the blog is in Chinese and the writer of this blog is an old workmate of my husband. “Bean”, that’s his English name, wrote a blog post about our business and explained a bit how we started our business a few years ago. If you can read Chinese, here is the link to the blog post: modes4u on

Charity Sales starts today

Remember I was telling you about us being sponsor for a charity project in Germany for sick kids? Today the sales of those Kawaii Promo Bags started on Dawanda, an online shopping platform, similar to Etsy. There are three different bag sizes available: small, medium and big. All of them include some really adorable handmade items and the bags they come in are made with our fabrics. The complete sales price will be given to the charity called “Atmenreich”. Have a look and please help those poor kids in need:

Charity Sales starts today 1

big Kawaii Promo Bag

Charity Sales starts today 2

medium Kawaii Promo Bag

Blog post about our Alice in Wonderland fabric

Zakkalife wrote another blog post about one of our Kokka fabrics, the pink Alice in Wonderland fabric. She got that fabric a while ago and had some leftover and decided to make cute Alice hairclips with them. I really like the matte finish of the hairclips. Have a look at them:

Blog post about our Alice in Wonderland fabric 1

cute Alice in Wonderland hairclips

Blog post about our Alice in Wonderland fabric 2

I like the matte hairclips

Baby bib made with Hello Kitty fabric

One of our customers send us this super adorable picture of a baby bib she made for her daugther. The fabric she used is one of our Hello Kitty fabrics. You can order this Hello Kitty fabric here. If you want us to post your sewing project on this blog, please write us and we will try our best to mention your project here.

Baby bib made with Hello Kitty fabric 1

baby bib made with our Hello Kitty fabric

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows

Remember I wrote about the Zakka Life Blog and that we are their sponsor now? Jessica received our fabrics and created an amazingly cute project: small stuffed pillows for her daughter’s dolls house. Have a look at her blog post. When you see the first picture, you think those pillows are normal size pillows, but then you scroll down and see that they are actually tiny ones. So cute! We love them! By the way, you can buy the fabric she used in our shop: animal matryoshka fabric

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows 1

Miniature Stuffed Pillows

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows 2

Zakka Life Project

Youtube video by a customer

Today I discovered a Youtube video by one of our customers talking about the products she ordered in our online shop. The video is in German, but basically what she is talking about is, how cute those products are 😉 She bought a Tenshi Neko bag, bento box, cutlery set, a memo pad, a Rilakkuma bag and Hello Kitty instant noodles from us. We didnt sponsor this video and I just accidentally found this video today (I was googling for “modes4u”). You can image how surprised I was to find a Youtube fan video about our products. 🙂