We are in the new ‘Alles für die Frau’ magazine

Good news everyone, we are in the new “Alles für die Frau” magazine from Germany. They have a deco & style section and our deco tapes were recommended there as a great way to quickly redecorate furniture, home accessoires and gifts. We are so excited about that! This is our first magazine referral for our kawaii shop modes4u. We actually got a few more emails from other magazines as well, let’s hope they are going to print our products and shop as well 🙂

We are in the new 'Alles für die Frau' magazine 1

We are in the new Alles für die Frau magazine

We are in the new 'Alles für die Frau' magazine 2

this is the deco & style section

We are in the new 'Alles für die Frau' magazine 3

a closeup of the deco tape recommendation

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii

We teamed up with Super Cute Kawaii (www.supercutekawaii.com) for a super cute giveaway! Go to their blog post and join the giveaway and you have a chance to win a cute bento box, a bento box belt, a donut paper bag, a deer letter set and a surprise Re-Ment miniature item! That’s a really great prize, isn’t it? What do you have to do? Comment below their blog post and tell them your favorite item in our shop. If you follow us on Twitter or become a fan on our Facebook Fanpage, you will get extra entries. If you write about this giveaway on your own blog, you get another 2 extra entries! So hurry up and check out the Super Cute Kawaii giveaway! The giveaway closes at 12pm BST on Monday 13th September.

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 1

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 2

you can win this cute bento box

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 3

win this cute donut paper bag, a bear bento box lunch belt, surprise Re-Ment and a deer letter set

Giveaways on Facebook!

We started with weekly giveaways on our Facebook Fanpage! If you are not a fan yet, make sure to visit our page and “Like it“. You will then see our newest giveaways and news. Our gifts are mostly items that are unique and cannot be purchased in our shop. We also offer free content there like free wallpapers etc. + post pictures from our office and warehouse.

Giveaways on Facebook! 1

screenshot of our Facebook fanpage

Write a review about us + get free products

We know many of you guys have a blog or site and like writing about cute, adorable things. We would like to invite everyone who has a blog to contact us. If your site is suitable we will send you some products for free and you write a review about the products, experience, shop etc. Please contact us by email and send us the link of your site. Looking forward to your emails.

Instyle Magazine contacted us

Today we were contacted by the German Instyle magazine asking us if we allow them to publish some of our deco tapes in their magazine.What a question! Of course! 😉 We just sent them some high resolution pictures so they can use them and don’t need to take pictures themselves. Let’s hope they are really going to use our tapes in one of their coming editions. We are SO EXCITED 😉

Instyle Magazine contacted us 1

German Instyle Magazine

New Facebook Fanpage landing page

We have a new Facebook Fanpage landing page! This is a new feature on Facebook and we had to get one so people can get an overview over our fanpage without having to go through all the wall posts. The landing page is the first page people see when they are not our fans on Facebook yet and go to our fanpage. The result is a really cute landing page, I think it is very suitable for our kawaii online shop. Have a look at a screenshot below, I hope you like the new Facebook Fanpage landing page as well.

New Facebook Fanpage landing page 1

our Facebook Fanpage landing page

First YouTube Subscribers

We have a YouTube channel where we posted a few videos about our office, work and products so far. Today we got our first subscriber! I know that’s nothing really special but I thought it’s a good occassion to mention our YouTube channel here on our blog. Here is the link to our YouTube channel: modes4u YouTube channel We also uploaded a video we took in Tokyo, Japan. We plan to take more movies of our products and our work and upload them on our channel. Please let us know if you have any suggestions what kind of videos you would like to see!

First YouTube Subscribers 1

our YouTube channel

Magazine publishes our hairclips

I got an enquiry from a German magazine editor because they want to publish our cherry hairclips in their magazine. The magazine is a customer magazine for bank customers. Funnily, we are customers with that German bank too 😉 What a coincidence! We will get a copy of the magazine once it is printed. Here are the 2 pictures they got from us:

Magazines publishes our hairclips 1

cherry hairclips

Magazines publishes our hairclips 2

skull cherry hairclips

Our shop is going to be published in a book!

I just realised that I totally forgot to write about some great news: We are going to be published in a book! The French author of the book called “Greediness in dough polymer” (that’s her translation from French, I am sure there is something wrong with it haha), contacted me and said she would like to publish some of our product pictures and our shop name in her book. The book is about polymer clay and what you can do with it. Here is a link to the publisher’s website: EPLibrairie and here you can have a look at the author’s own blog: Atelier Cup of Tea. As you can see on her blog, she uses our animated polymer clay banner. Her name is Valerie Beulet. We will get our own book copy once the book is published. I will definitely post pictures of it on this blog as soon as we get it. 🙂

New animated clay banner

We made a new animated Polymer Clay Banner for our shop. If you like, you can copy this banner and use it on your blogs/websites etc. We also have an animated Kokka fabric banner, which can be downloaded here: Kokka banner (right click and save image) Feel free to comment below and tell us where you show our banner. Thanks!

New animated clay banner