Kokka style bedsheets

I went to Taste, a local Hong Kong supermarket, today and found something really interesting: they had “fake” Kokka bedsheets! The beedsheets’ fabric is copied from the Matryoshka Animals Kokka fabric, the characters are just oversized. Even Kokka is not safe from fakes anymore. Have a look at the photos I took in the supermarket:

Kokka style bedsheets 1

Kokka style bedsheets

Kokka style bedsheets 2

the bedsheets do look cute though

Kokka style bedsheets 3

Kokka style pillow

Kokka style bedsheets 4

the complete bedsheets set

Kokka style bedsheets 5

the original Kokka fabric they used for 'inspiration'

Panda-Z Cafe in Hong Kong shopping mall

This month the shopping mall “Metroplaza” in Hong Kong has a “Panda-Z Wonderland” theme and built up a Panda-Z Cafe in the middle of the shopping mall. The panda bears are almost man-sized and really super cute. They also showcase some Panda-Z collections, toys and collectibles. I think this theme is the best this shopping mall ever came up with. The cafe is just too cute and keeps you from going shopping and just wanting to watch those pandas.

Panda-Z Cafe in Hong Kong shopping mall 1

Panda-Z Cafe in Hong Kong shopping mall

Panda-Z Cafe in Hong Kong shopping mall 2

cute near man-sized pandas in a Hong Kong shopping mall

Panda-Z Cafe in Hong Kong shopping mall 3

the Panda-Z Cafe from above

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket

Today I found some really fun food in the supermarket here in Hong Kong. Guess what, I found Hello Kitty spaghetti, Hello Kitty olive oil, Hello Kitty ground coffee and Hello Kitty Italian biscuits. Isn’t that really crazy? I had to take some pictures to show you guys:

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 1

Hello Kitty spaghetti

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 2

Hello Kitty pasta

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 3

Hello Kitty olive oil

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 4

Hello Kitty bolognese sauce

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 5

Hello Kitty noodles

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 6

Hello Kitty ground coffee

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 7

Hello Kitty Italian biscuits

Typhoon Koppu Video

Last night typhoon Koppu passed by Hong Kong pretty close and turned the city into a mess. Luckily, it didn’t hit Hong Kong directly because the storm was really strong and that would have been very dangerous for lots of people here. Below, you can watch a video some crazy storm chasers took here. It looks really scary and it was. We couldn’t sleep a lot last night and even our cat jumped when the gushes hit our windows and balcony door. Some villagers were really unlucky and their homes flooded chin deep. Watch the movie and get an idea, how strong a storm can be here:

Post from Hello Kitty & MAC

Today I got post from MAC as I am a VIP customer and get invitations and new product introductions by mail. The envelope is a bright pink and included a very nice, glossy brochure which shows pics of the new MAC Hello Kitty products campaign. MAC will launch their Hello Kitty make up line on 12.3.2009 in Hong Kong. I see a lot of famous brands cooperate with Hello Kitty’s Sanrio and other cute brands nowadays. Kawaii cute items get more and more popular, not only in Japan but worldwide. Therefore I can see a very big potential in our super cute kawaii shop modes4u.

bright pink MAC envelope

bright pink MAC envelope

1st page of the glossy Hello Kitty brochure

1st page of the glossy Hello Kitty brochure

MAC model with black Hello Kitty

MAC model with black Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty make up by MAC

Hello Kitty make up by MAC

MAC model

MAC model

Hong Kong 4th most expensive city

Today I read a report in South China Morning Post, a local Hong Kong English newspaper about Hong Kong being the 4th most expensive city in the world. WOW! But no wonder, proprety prices here are really crazy. Since the Financial Crises the prices went down a bit but they are still extremly high. Our office is located a bit outside of the city center and therefore we could make a good deal (based on Hong Kong prices). But we could never afford a office in the city center. Below you can see a chart of average prices of renting and buying an apartment in Hong Kong. Office space is even more expensive! Can you imagine that?

Honst Kong 4th most expensive city

Hong Kong 4th most expensive city

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, or the Chinese would say: Gung Hei Fat Choy! and the mainlanders say: Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Hope everyone has a nice holidays and for all my Chinese readers: Have a nice family reunion. Don’t eat too much 😉

Typhoon in Hong Kong

Today is a typhoon in Hong Kong, therefore we have to stay at home and shouldn’t leave home. It can get really messy when there is a typhoon here. As there are lots of advertisement billboards and the open sea, it can even get dangerous (falling billboards, sudden gusts from the sea etc.) so people are usually advised to stay at home and all offices, small shops, public transporation shut down. So, I enjoy a day at home now. Cheers 😉

new visa is here

Today I could pick up my new visa at the Immigration Office. As my nationality is Austrian I need to apply for a visa to be able to live and work in Hong Kong. My first visa was valid for one year only, this time I got a 3-year-visa which is really cool. I only had to hand in 2 sheets of paper to apply for the extension of my visa. It’s so easy, unbelievably. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to get a visa as a foreigner in Austria. After 3 years, I will get another 3-year-visa and after that I will be able to apply for a permanent residency in Hong Kong.

Have You ever seen a more impressive Immigration Office?

New Gym Membership

As I am working, working, working and don’t use my muscles at all, I decided to finally join a gym here in Hong Kong. I have so much excess energy that I need to get rid off. Back in Austria I enjoyed going to the gym and I was looking around for a suitable gym here for a while. It isn’t that easy and I finally decided to join PURE in Langham Place (same building as the Langham Place Hotel). PURE is the best gym chain in Hong Kong with the best standard, very clean, very nice changing rooms, new machines etc. The gym opened less than a year ago, so everything is pretty new. But the biggest advantage is that there are not too many members. It’s really hard to find a place in Hong Kong that isn’t crowded and noisy. As the gym is one of the best in Hong Kong, their membership fee is higher (like 5-6 times higher than other gyms) but I can tell you, it is totally worth it.

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