Chinese New Year Red Pockets for 200 orders

I got some super cute Red Pockets for Chinese New Year for our customers. We will add one to every order including a cute deco tape and our new business card inside. We have enough Red Pockets for 200 orders. I am sure that is a really cute gift ;-) By the way, those Red Pockets are called “Lai See” in Chinese and are usually used to give money to relatives, friends and co-workers during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Red Pockets for 200 orders 1

Chinese New Year Red Pockets

10% discount during the Holidays

We are on holidays from 16th December till 4th of January and during this time we offer everyone a 10% discount on all items in our shop. We usually don’t do discounts but as all orders can only be shipped after 4th of January, we would like to compensate our customers with the longer waiting period. Here is the cute Holiday Notice for the announcement in our shop:

10% discount during the Holidays 1

10% discount during the Holidays

1,000th order

WOW, we got our 1,000th order in our shop today! Unbelievable! We would have never thought that our shop will grow so fast. Thanks to all our customers for your trust and loyalty! We really appreciate this success a lot. By the way, the 1,000th order is from a customer living in Lippstadt in Germany.

260 new items in the shop

I was really hard working the last 15 days and added 260 new products to our shop! Alan just finished writing a new software tool for me that helps me to write product descriptions, add product photos and upload them to the shop much faster than before. Because of that tool I was able to add so many new products within a short period of time. All those products were lying in our office and waiting to be added. Now they are finally online (and I am exhausted).

500th order

YAY, today we got the 500th order in our kawaii shop modes4u. Thanks sooooo much! The 500th is going to Hawaii! What a beautiful place, I wish I could join my parcel ;-)

400th order

Sorry for not writing earlier but we were so busy the last weeks and we got our 400th order already! Our 400th order is from a customer in Preston in the UK. Thanks so much!

I will update you when we get our 500th order in. Can’t wait to get there ;-)

300th order

WOW, we received the 300th order earlier than expected. I expected to get to the 300th order around 30 days after our 250th order was confirmed. So it took only 17 days! YAY The 300th order is from an old customer of us from Bad Saulgau, Germany. Thank you so much!

I will write again when we get our 400th order. See ya soon ;-)

250th order

We got our 250th order in our online shop yesterday. The 250th order is from a customer in Seattle, USA. Thank you so much for all your support and trust!

It took only 34 days to get to the 250th order from the 200th order. The last 50 orders took 42 days. We are increasing our orders constantly, I am super happy about that. When will we hit the 300 order – mark? I guess in around 30 days.

200th order

Yesterday we got our 200th order in our online shop! YAY! The 200th order is from a customer in Canvey Island, UK. Thank you!

The first 50 orders took almost 6 months, the next 50 orders almost 3 months, the next 50 orders took 2 months and 3 days. The last 50 orders only 1 month and 14 days.  So we get already more than 1 order per day by average. I expect to get to the 250th order in around 1 month. I will keep you posted.

1 Year Anniversary of our Shop

Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our kawaii shop!!! YAY! Exactly one year ago we launched our new kawaii shop and it has happened a lot since then. The start was slow, as it is hard for every new online shop to get visitors, and more importantly CUSTOMERS. We invested a lot of time and effort into making our shop more “Google-friendly” and did a lot of internal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring our shop to the top search results in Google. It was a good decision as our shop is now listed very well for important keywords we have. Therefore, the number of visitors and customers grew steadily since the beginning and we are almost at the 200th order mark now. Another very good decision was to allow our wholesale customers to order directly online instead of ordering from catalogs. This way, our wholesale customers are able to see what items we have in stock right now and can make their bulk orders and get the items fast. I expect a lot from our cute shop for the 2nd year: A lot more visitors, customers and of course ORDERS.

To a great, successful and fun 2nd year!!!

Your modes4u-Team

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