2 years ago: 1st order in our shop

Today 2 years ago we got our first order in our shop! It seems such a long time ago and it’s hard to imagine that time now. We are at almost 2,000 orders now and we came so far since that day. I am very gratefull for the success of this business and we are very happy with our work. I enjoy my job every day and never feel any regret starting it. Our customers are great people who are very kind, friendly and also very patient when a package doesn’t arrive within days. Thank you soooo much for everything! We promise we will work very hard to make this business bigger and offer even more cute products to everyone around the world. Thank you!
Your modes4u-team (Sandra, Alan and Bonnie)

New Newsletter Template

We finally got a new newsletter template for our retail and wholesale newsletter. The old template was quite dark with lots of black/dark grey and we wanted to make the newsletter more recognizable for our customer. So we came up with a template that looks very similar to our online shop. We think the new template is much cleaner, easy to read and shows the products nicely. I hope you guys like the new newsletter as well. If you want to receive our newsletter, go to our website and fill in your email address in the newsletter box on the lower right corner of our kawaii shop. Please feel free to comment any suggestions or changes you would like to see in our newsletter. Below you can see our first retail newsletter with the new template sent out to our customers today (upper part is in German, the lower part is in English). 

New Newsletter Template 1

New Newsletter Template

2nd Shop Anniversary

Today our shop is 2 years old! We opened our kawaii shop modes4u.com on 20th March 2008 and we have come very far since then. Our shop is successully operating to employ 3 people fulltime and keep us busy. We have lots of plans for the 3rd year of our shop including lots of new products, a new shop template, more functions in the shop and a lot more. Happy Birthday modes4u!

1500th order in our shop

Our 1500th online shop order was placed in our shop today! We are so excited here about this. The customer is from Wuppertal, Germany. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all our customers! You cannot imagine how happy we are that our hard work is paying off and our shop is getting more popular.

Chinese New Year Red Pockets for 200 orders

I got some super cute Red Pockets for Chinese New Year for our customers. We will add one to every order including a cute deco tape and our new business card inside. We have enough Red Pockets for 200 orders. I am sure that is a really cute gift 😉 By the way, those Red Pockets are called “Lai See” in Chinese and are usually used to give money to relatives, friends and co-workers during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Red Pockets for 200 orders 1

Chinese New Year Red Pockets

10% discount during the Holidays

We are on holidays from 16th December till 4th of January and during this time we offer everyone a 10% discount on all items in our shop. We usually don’t do discounts but as all orders can only be shipped after 4th of January, we would like to compensate our customers with the longer waiting period. Here is the cute Holiday Notice for the announcement in our shop:

10% discount during the Holidays 1

10% discount during the Holidays

1,000th order

WOW, we got our 1,000th order in our shop today! Unbelievable! We would have never thought that our shop will grow so fast. Thanks to all our customers for your trust and loyalty! We really appreciate this success a lot. By the way, the 1,000th order is from a customer living in Lippstadt in Germany.

260 new items in the shop

I was really hard working the last 15 days and added 260 new products to our shop! Alan just finished writing a new software tool for me that helps me to write product descriptions, add product photos and upload them to the shop much faster than before. Because of that tool I was able to add so many new products within a short period of time. All those products were lying in our office and waiting to be added. Now they are finally online (and I am exhausted).

500th order

YAY, today we got the 500th order in our kawaii shop modes4u. Thanks sooooo much! The 500th is going to Hawaii! What a beautiful place, I wish I could join my parcel 😉

400th order

Sorry for not writing earlier but we were so busy the last weeks and we got our 400th order already! Our 400th order is from a customer in Preston in the UK. Thanks so much!

I will update you when we get our 500th order in. Can’t wait to get there 😉