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What are you hoping to win in our latest giveaway??

What are you hoping to win in our latest giveaway??

modeS4u Stories: Rilakkuma and Friends

One of our lovely team members flexed her creative writing muscles and whipped up a fun short story about everyone’s favorite lazy bear, Rilakkuma! Enjoy the story below!

Rilakkuma and Friends

Rilakkuma was lazily lying under the warm Japanese sun. He was enjoying another afternoon in the garden doing nothing. But in the back of his mind, he knew that his lazy time alone was going to be ruined.

Right on queue, a large red water balloon engulfed him in water. Soft giggling could be heard in from a nearby tree.

A cute, white bear cub climbed down the large trunk of the tree. Her name was Korilakkuma. She was the source of the giggling.

“Got you!” she hysterically laughed.

A small, plump yellow bird came flapping out of the house.

“What is this disgrace!” he shouted, crazily flapping his wings. His name was Kiiroitori. He was a very grumpy and nosy bird, always getting into others’ business. He looked at Rilakkuma – drenched. His head slowly turned towards Korilakkuma. Korilakkuma’s smile was immediately wiped off her face.

“Explain,” Kiiroitori said in a cold voice.

“It was just a joke,” said Korilakkuma, crossing her arms and sticking out her tongue.

“Did you just stick your tongue at me, young lady?!” Kiiroitori asked in rage, his chubby yellow face turning bright red.

“Kiiroitori, just leave her alone,” Rilakkuma said in a lazy voice.

“Oh, why don’t you come here and help her out, then, Lazy Pants” Kiiroitori said in a challenging tone.

“First, give me a dumpling,” Rilakkuma plainly said, a plan forming in his head.

Kiiroitori rolled his eyes and flapped towards the basket near Rilakkuma’s lounging chair. But just as the little yellow bird was reaching for a dumpling, Rilakkuma grabbed him.

“What do you think you’re do-” Kiiroitori began, but he didn’t finish sentence. Rilakkuma had begun to tickle him.

Kiiroitori began to chuckle… Then giggle… And then burst out laughing.

“This’ll cheer him up,” Rilakkuma smiled.

“HA-HA-HA!!!” Kiiroitori laughed out loud. “STOOOP!!!” he laughed happily, tears forming in his eyes.

Rilakkuma stopped.

Kiiroitori was still giggling. “Thanks Rilakkuma!” he began happily. “That really cheered me up!”

“Gosh. I didn’t know Kiiroitori could actually smile,” Korilakkuma said, a mischievous smirk forming on the corners of her mouth.

Kiiroitori and Rilakkuma glared at Korilakkuma.

Rilakkuma mouthed Don’t, and shook his head.

Korilakkuma simply shrugged innocently.

brown Rilakkuma plush toy with zipper

brown Rilakkuma plush toy with zipper

big Korilakkuma white bear head strawberry reversible plushie pillow by San-X

big Korilakkuma white bear head strawberry reversible plushie pillow by San-X

zodiac sign Rilakkuma yellow chick as Libra plush toy charm

zodiac sign Rilakkuma yellow chick as Libra plush toy charm

colorful San-X memo pad with Rilakkuma eating honey

colorful San-X memo pad with Rilakkuma eating honey

San-X mini Rilakkuma Note Pad with Korilakkuma

San-X mini Rilakkuma Note Pad with Korilakkuma

Rilakkuma Bento cutlery set with glitter case by San-X

Rilakkuma Bento cutlery set with glitter case by San-X

light peach Korilakkuma 10-pocket A4 and A3 file folder

light peach Korilakkuma 10-pocket A4 and A3 file folder

Rilakkuma deco tape by San-X from Japan

Rilakkuma deco tape by San-X from Japan

San-X Rilakkuma letter set

San-X Rilakkuma letter set

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori eraser by San-X

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori eraser by San-X

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What an awesome fabric bundle prize set!!

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Look at all these gorgeous Christmas fabrics!

Furoshiki: A Gorgeous Japanese Fabric Wrapping

Furoshiki is a Japanese fabric traditional wrapping cloth that is eco-friendly and used for wrapping up your gifts with a gorgeous look. Furoshiki comes from two distinct words: “Furo” meaning “Bath” and “Shiki” meaning “To Spread”. During the Tokugawa period, people used Furoshiki as a mat to put their clothes on when at public baths before taking a shower

Furoshiki is a fantastic art that allows one object to have many uses by tying and folding the cloth in different and simple ways.



Most people don’t know about the Furoshiki traditional wrapping cloth. It is still used for carrying goods, wrapping gifts or just as a decor accessory.


People living in Japan still use Furoshiki wrapping as a unique way to present something to others. This Japanese fabric is made of cotton, rayon, silk or nylon. You can find a wide variety of Japanese fabric designs and sizes, so you can easily choose what size and design you would like to use. This Japanese traditional art has been spreading like wildfire; it can be seen in other countries including Korea where it is called Bojagi.



This Japanese fabric art began in the Nara period and was often used until the end of the Edo period. Most traders used it as it was a great way of protecting small goods while traveling from one place to other.


Furoshiki Japanese Fabric is best used for wrapping gift boxes, books, drinking bottles, baskets, backpacks, fruits etc. Also, you can wrap flowers or use it as a belt and bandana. Using furoshiki sounds great, doesn’t it?


Go through these amazing furoshiki techniques that can be used in daily life.



This is an old tradition that many follow to this day, to present something as a gift. Now here is a question: Why use this furoshiki instead of colorful wrapping paper? The simple answer is that it is environmentally friendly. Furoshiki Japanese fabric is eco-friendly and reusable.


We all know that our environment can be polluted in many ways such as by using plastic. As plastic is not eco-friendly, that is why furoshiki is a better substitute for wrapping up presents. To start using Furoshiki Japanese fabric you have to learn the techniques for wrapping any gift box, carrying goods using furoshiki and how to decorate your home using furoshiki.




After the introduction of plastic bags, furoshiki declined substantially in Japan. Many of the latest furoshiki styles recently introduced to the public were designed to convince younger generations that plastic is not a good choice when it comes to selecting eco-friendly products.

Furoshiki is highly versatile whereas regular bags have limited space and can only carry specific objects.

Traditionally both the print design and color of the furoshiki are meaningful when choosing it for any occasion.



Traditional Furoshiki

Furoshiki is not used just for wrapping, it is often used as a beauty accessory, for ceremonies, and as multifunctional objects for everyday life.


Furoshiki can be used for:

– Wrapping a gift

– Decorating a handbag

– A bag for shopping

– A tablecloth

– A scarf, belt or bandana

– A picnic hamper

– Household decor

– Wrapping clothes when traveling



Eco-fabric wrapping

Western culture often uses furoshiki a lot to wrap gifts. It’s even faster than paper wrapping.


Here are some cheap and eco-friendly ideas to create furoshiki cloth:

– from scarfs
– from fabric

– by cutting up old sheets and designing them

– using fabric samples from a recycling centre

– asking your friends who sew for any unwanted scraps of fabric

– by using a bandana, tea towel or handkerchief




For wrapping, the object must be of one-third of the furoshiki’s diagonal line. Also, there are some traditional sizes that work better for a range of projects.


50 cm – small book

70 cm – T-shirt

90 cm – a wine bottle

Traditional furoshiki cloth is not square as the height is slightly longer than the width. This is often mentioned in instructions provided with the furoshiki when buying the fabric.



Get a Japanese fabric that is not too thick and also works best according to your needs. If you mistakenly buy a thick fabric then it makes difficult for you to tie it. You can use some alternatives like tying up a gift with ribbon.


You can easily double-up the Japanese fabric to make it reversible. This looks awesome with a contrasting color when it is wrapped but be sure that the fabric is easy to tie because most of the time it becomes thick and makes difficult for you to tie. The best option is to do this with fine fabrics.


Look at some of the best images of Korean “bojagi” wrapping cloths.




For the edges, you can choose hand-stitching or use a sewing machine. If you are not an expert in sewing then you can edge it in a rough manner for a stylish organic look. Add decorations to the corners to make your furoshiki creations look magnificent.



You can use dyes, fabric pens and fabric paints for decorating while using recycled bed sheets.

This DIY furoshiki wrapping technique will blow your mind once you start using it!


Let’s start with apple wrap using furoshiki fabric.  Place the fabric on the table. Now place the apple in the middle of the furoshiki.




– Now tie a square knot with corners A and B.

– Next you have to place corners C and D through the hole created by the square knot. It is the trickiest part so be careful!

– After that, you have to twist the D and C corners and make a square knot at the top of the circle. That’s all!


Here is a short video about using furoshiki Japanese fabric for wrapping gifts:



unicorn and star Cosmo oxford fabric in light blue

unicorn and star Cosmo oxford fabric in light blue

multicolor squiggle oxford fabric by Kokka

multicolor squiggle oxford fabric by Kokka

cream Cosmo fabric with circles and flowers

cream Cosmo fabric with circles and flowers

Beginners Guide: How to Choose and Buy Fabric Online


If you are a beginner in sewing and dressmaking then you may find an online fabric store slightly bewildering. Here is a guide to get started on picking the best fabric for sewing your next dress.


Quick and Easy Guide to Fabric


Fabrics are either knitted or woven, and are mostly made from plant fibers such as linen and cotton, or animal fibers (silk and wool). Knitted fabrics are more stretchable than woven.


Here we will discuss a few types of fabrics



Cotton is the most versatile fabric, and comes in various weights from lightweight handkerchiefs to heavy canvas. Cotton fabrics are used for trousers, shirts, jeans, bags etc. Fabrics including moleskin, denim, and corduroy are made of cotton.


Cotton Jersey/Knit

Cotton Jersey/Knit can be easily knitted by machine from a cotton thread. This fabric is used for t-shirts as it is stretchy and comfortable to wear but is not as easy to sew as woven fabric.


Jersey knits are stretchy, soft and versatile. Jersey knit fabric is perfect for creating stylish tops, dresses and much more. Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to do a zig-zag stitch with knit fabrics on a sewing machine.




Jersey fabric is a kind of knit textile that is made from cotton or synthetic blend. This fabric is warm, flexible and insulating.



Linen is easy to sew and also used for a variety of purposes. It is also often mixed with other materials, and for daily wear. It is best used for making summer clothes.



Silk is a shiny and slippery woven fabric that is used for luxury blouses, underwear, and dresses. It is the most expensive and difficult to sew.


Poly Cotton

Polycotton is a synthetic woven fabric and is lightweight. Polycotton is a blend of cotton and polyester.


Best Fabrics for Beginners


It is better to buy fabric that is easy to sew and also not too expensive. Don’t be afraid of the mistakes that you make ruining fabric at some point! Here are some of the best fabrics for beginners use first, to start practicing sewing.


Woven fabric is one of those fabrics that does not slip or stretch too much while sewing. That means choosing linen, cotton or cotton-linen blends are best. Try to avoid rayon, silk, shiny polyester, and other knitted fabrics.


Go for small prints or plain colors. Avoid big patterns and stripes as they are difficult to lay out.


Avoid heavy weight fabrics as they are harder to manage. It is best if you go for ridged fabrics like corduroy for your first attempt at sewing.




How to buy fabric


What should be the first thing you buy: a sewing pattern or a fabric? Buying a sewing pattern first is perfect. After that, go shop for fabric from any online fabric store. Once you’ve got your pattern then you will know exactly what kind of fabric to look for and how much quantity of fabric you will need. Also, you have the option to buy zippers, buttons or other things to match at the same time.


When you are looking at fabric in an online fabric shop you must check the following things:


– Make sure that the fabric is one that perfectly matches your sewing pattern.


– Check to see if the fabric fits with what you are planning to make.


– Check for information regarding the fabric’s care instructions. See whether you should wash it in a washing machine or if it should be dry cleaned. If you think that it’s a high maintenance fabric, you may want to consider other fabrics.


– Always check the width of the fabric because fabrics are of different width. Look at the pattern to decide what length of fabric you need to buy. Make sure that you buy extra fabric because it may shrink when you wash it.


Preparing your fabric and cutting it


When you finally buy a fabric from an online fabric store, the first step should be to wash and iron your fabric. Wash the fabric the way you wash garments because it is better to do it first rather than washing it after sewing, as the fabric may shrink. When the fabric is dry, iron it to make it smooth again.


Follow your sewing pattern layout and cut out your pattern pieces. Iron them gently with no steam. Lay out all the pieces fn the fabric following the layout.


Here is a video guide to cutting out fabric when making a dress




Bonus Tip: Ideas for Beginners


Here are some good ideas for beginners’ projects for anyone new to dressmaking.


– Wrap skirt

– Apron

– Yoga pants or trousers

– Tote bag


Always start with something that is manageable so that you can easily practice and build up your skills. Go for a simple sewing pattern that is easy for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between cotton and linen?

Both cotton and linen are popular materials. Linen generally comes from flax plants and cotton from cotton plants.


Is Linen good for summer?


Linen is great to wear in hot weather. Linen is highly absorbent.


What is the cheapest fabric material?

Here are some fabric materials that are usually inexpensive and can be used for your sewing projects:


– Cotton

– Rayon

– Fleece

– Denim

– Felt

– Fleece

– Polyester

– Satin

– Silk


Which is the most expensive fabric?


The most expensive fabrics include:


– Wool

– Silk

– Fur

– Linen


flower bird cream peach metallic nani Iro linen fabric Kokka

flower bird cream peach metallic nani Iro linen fabric Kokka

dog Canvas fabric in natural color from Japan

dog Canvas fabric in natural color from Japan

black tiki mug Robert Kaufman fabric

black tiki mug Robert Kaufman fabric

5 Best Cute Fabrics for Kids Clothes


Choosing the best fabric is one of the most important steps for sewing clothes. The wrong choice of fabric is a big disappointment and spoils your plans for sewing a garment. And when you’re sewing for your kids, it’s even more important to be careful.


How to Choose the Best Fabric for Kids Clothes

Before starting any sewing project you have to choose which pattern fabric is suitable for your kid’s clothes. Patterns are an indication of who the fabric is designed for.


Finding cute fabric for sewing kids clothes is an important thing for parents to consider, especially moms and dads who love to sew.


There are several clothes that you can make for your kids and you’ll need the very best fabrics for this. First, you should consider whether a type of fabric is soft or not and if it’s non-irritating for the skin. Make sure that the fabric is not thick or slippery.


Usually, the first and best choice for making kids clothes is fabric that  is breathable and comfortable. Simply go to any online fabric store and ask for children’s fabrics. There are a variety of children’s fabrics available for sewing your kid’s clothes.


Always remember whatever fabric you choose, never make clothes for kids without washing the fabric first. Washing the fabric you purchased is one of the first steps for any sewing enthusiast before sewing clothes for kids. This way, you remove most of the chemicals which are sprayed on factory-made fabrics.


Here is a collection of cute fabrics that are often used to make kids clothes:


Jersey Knit Fabric


Jersey knit fabric is a cute fabric for sewing kids clothes. These knit fabrics are soft and breathable as well as stretchable; they’re great for making beautiful clothes. Knit fabric is very comfortable for little ones who love to run around. It comes in a variety of vivid colors and patterns. The most popular knit fabrics for sewing children’s clothes include double knit, rib knit, interlock and cotton spandex.


There are several knit fabrics available that can confuse you when choosing a fabric because most fabrics look similar. But when you look deeper you then differentiate between different types of knit fabrics. Some of the most common knit fabrics are as follows:


1) Single knit

2) Elastane knit

3) Rib knit

4) Double Knit

5) Interlock

6) Lace knits

7) Mesh Knits

8) Sweater Knits

9) Handmade knit fabric


Single knit

This is a lightweight single knit fabric. This is one of the most used knit fabrics for making t-shirts and dresses. It has a beautiful look and can be made from different types of fibers like silk jersey etc.


If you just take a look at this fabric then you determine the difference between these two fabrics. One side of the fabric has knit stitches and the other side has purl stitches.


Here is a short video about sewing a knit fabric.




Cotton jersey fabric is one of the most preferred fabrics that is of a medium weight, and is a 4-way stretch knit fabric. Rayon jersey fabric is amazing fabric for sewing clothes because of its softness and 4-way stretch too.


Elastane knit

Most of your tops are made from elastane knit fabric. It is comfortable like cotton and is also stretchy. It is soft but more difficult to sew clothes with. It is perfect and cute fabric for making your sleepwear just because of its comfort level.


Rib Knits


Rib knit is a double-faced reversible fabric that has the vertical ribs on both sides of the fabric. It is used to make bands, neck bands etc. but you can also make your whole garment using this knit fabric. It is very soft to touch and also stretches crosswise. You can make a variety of clothes using this knit fabric like sweaters etc.


Double knit

Double Knit is medium weight knit fabric where both sides are usually the same. It is less stretchable than a single knit fabric. Double Knit fabric is thick and fluffy. Different fibers used to make the double knit fabric including wool, cotton, rayon etc.



Interlock is a knit fabric with a perfect lengthwise rib. You might mix up this fabric with a jersey fabric but when you examine it closely you will see that the fabric looks the same from both sides, unlike jersey knit fabric. Interlock knit fabric has a smooth surface that is best for design works, like embroidery and fabric painting etc.


Lace knits


Lace knit is a beautiful fabric for making clothes because this fabric combines the beauty of lace with the flexibility of knitting. Maintaining lace knit fabric is a big challenge however.


Mesh Knits


Mesh knit is lightweight with a good stretch and also has the look of tulle fabric.


Sweater Knits

Sweater knits are used for making sweaters. You can see many types of sweater knits. They make you feel comfortable when you wear them. Some sweater knits have a textured design on them and some of them have an open weave that results in the sheer lock.


Handmade Knit Fabric


In a few hours with the help of needles, you can take a ball of yarn and knit it into beautiful fabric or even make a sweater from it.


Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is the best choice for kids’ winter clothes. This fleece fabric is easy to maintain and is also machine washable. It dries fast as well as keeps the body warm.


Waterproof Fabrics


This waterproof fabric is best for making cloth diapers, blankets, bags etc. Make sure that you buy fabric that is breathable otherwise your kid will feel uncomfortable.


Don’t forget that a child’s skin is very sensitive and kids mostly want a comfortable dress in which he/she can move freely.


Voile Fabric


Voile fabric is a soft semi-sheer fabric and almost similar to cotton lawn. It is an amazing fabric to make cute dresses. You can also use this fabric for smocking. This fabric is mostly used in soft furnishing because of its lightweight.


Microfiber fabrics

This is a new kind of fabric that is very soft, drapable and non-allergenic for kids who have very sensitive skin. This microfiber fabric is a great choice for kids clothes as it is very comfortable.


grey sail boat Stof Fabrics knit fabric

grey sail boat Stof Fabrics knit fabric

Kokka knit fabric with animals and rectangles

Kokka knit fabric with animals and rectangles

hummingbird organic knit fabric by Birch

hummingbird organic knit fabric by Birch