Finding the right product, part 2 “my mistakes”

I was looking continuously for new products that I could sell in my eBay shop. I tried out many different things and of course I also made some mistakes.

I got cheated by a wholesaler selling me “authentic” Emily the Strange T-Shirts. I didn’t know the brand in 2005, so I couldn’t recognize that they are fakes. I just liked the designs and quality of the shirts. The wholesaler advertised them as leftovers from the factory and “proved” that by the cut labels inside the t-shirts. They said, leftovers in the factory are marked with this cut to make sure, no one can sell them as “new” items in a shop anymore. That was b**s**, but I believed them. 🙁

Later on, a company sold me some fakes from Juicy Couture, Miss Sixty and Rock & Republic. I was too excited that I found a hot brand supplier to realise that the prices are way too low for these brands. Luckily, I could get rid of the Emily shirts, the Juicy Couture and Miss Sixty items quite quickly (of course eBay cancelled my Emily auctions, too many fakes there). I dropped the Rock & Republic Jeans into a container for poor people in need. I hope they are happy with getting some brand new jeans 😉 At least I did something good to humanity, though I lost some money with them. I also bought some Harrods bags in the market as they were so popular among Hong Kong people. They sold quite well, but I decided that I don’t want to have anything to do with fakes anymore, so I stopped buying and selling them as well.

Juicy Couture Hoodie
Juicy Couture Hoodie

Emily the Strange shirt
Emily the Strange t-shirt

Emily the Strange label
small cut in the label (through the name “Emily”)

Harrods bag
Harrods bag

In 2006, I heard about shops selling leftovers and overstock from factories in China. Many people confirmed that they are authentic items, so I started hunting around Hong Kong to find something suitable. Indeed, I found shops selling some branded stuff, but they also had fakes. So it was really hard to figure out which item is authentic and which one is a fake. I tried out some items from American Eagle, Scary Mary, Pucca, Paul Frank and Phat Farm. That stuff wasn’t suitable for selling because I wasn’t sure about their authenticity, so I quit this idea very quickly.

Scary Mary
Scary Mary t-shirt

Coming Up:
How I finally found the right products for my online shop and for my wholesale business.

Finding the right product

I read it in many books: “Finding the right product is the hardest thing of starting your business and being successful”.

I totally have to agree with this. It is really hard to find a product that you can sell. There are many factors to be taken care of, like popularity (is it a popular product?), originality (am I the only one selling it or are there already hundreds of other sellers?), price (can I buy it for a reasonable price and sell it profitable?), sources (where can I buy it?), etc.etc. I planned to start selling on eBay, as its the easiest and fastest way to find customers worldwide.

So, I started looking around to find THE product in Hong Kong.

While I spend time in Hong Kong during summer university, the ESPRIT outlets were very popular among my female classmates. ESPRIT is a Hong Kong company and producing a lot of their clothes in China and Hong Kong. They have some great outlets where they sell leftovers, overstock and last season items for a very low price. So I started going to these outlets and buy hundreds of t-shirts, tops, trousers and jackets, take pictures of them and put them on eBay (Summer-Autumn 2005). As the competition of ESPRIT items is very though on eBay and our profit margin was too low, I stopped selling ESPRIT clothes and started looking for new products.

Anyone who is visiting Hong Kong and wants to check out their outlets, here are the addresses:
KAISENG Commercial Centre
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Esprit Tanktop
black ESPRIT tank-top

Esprit trousers
beige ESPRIT trousers, was one of our best sellers

During that time (End of 2005) Apple released their new product iPod nano and that product was HOT. it was released later in Europe than in Hong Kong and the price was much higher than here. Additional, Apple’s iPods were sold out, so I thought, this could be a profitable income. I started selling on eBay iPod nanos and was quite successful with it. The only problem was that some customers had trouble with customs and had to pay extra tax. After a while, there was more competition on eBay and the profit margin was reduced, so I started looking for new products again.

iPod Nano
that was our first “bulk” shipping of iPod nanos

Sony released their very first SONY PSP (End of 2004). Hong Kong was one of the first markets to get these new popular game consoles because many wholesalers import from Japan and so you can get almost everything that is available in Japan immediately. As the sales of iPod nanos wasn’t attractive anymore, I started selling Sony PSPs. The Japanese versions were very popular in Europe because of the special white colour and because you could play copy games with it. I sold PSPs for a very long period of time but after a while (around a year) the market was saturated and not attractive to me anymore.

white Sony PSP
selling Japanese white SONY PSPs with one of our eBay accounts “hk-trends”

Coming up:
What other products I tried to sell and how I found THE product.