10+ Top Trending Halloween Fabric Craft Ideas



It’s a bit strange when Halloween falls in the middle of the week, as it did this year. So often times, that means celebrating Halloween on the weekend that follows! If it means we get extra time to make Halloween items and wear wacky costumes, we’re all for it! Halloween is a special time of year that comes with lots of fun and excitement. It is the perfect time to design your home and make festive apparel, accessories, and quilts using the best Halloween fabric.


Halloween is super cool! Not just because you get to stuff your face with candy, sing along to those scary Halloween songs and watch the best Halloween movies, but also because you can dress up in the most ambitious costume.


Planning something on your own is fun, to begin with, but it is even better when you coordinate with your besties, family members or colleagues to design a group of Halloween costumes. Here are some great DIY craft outfits that are easy to design using Halloween fabric that you and your squads will definitely love this Halloween Holiday season.


Why wait in line for a Halloween costume when there is still time to create your own perfect look this Halloween season. These awesome ideas are simple and quick as a Do It Yourself project.


Scary Must See Halloween DIYs


Halloween is one of the best seasons for dressing up, and there are a variety of amazing destinations around the world to participate in the fun festivities.


If you think that Halloween costumes take a lot of time and effort then you must have a look at these creative, cute and easy Halloween DIY crafts. We found a great collection of DIY Halloween craft ideas for women and kids. All of these adorable costumes ideas are perfect for last-minute Halloween costume parties.


Vintage Halloween Fabric Bags


These amazingly cute scary vintage Halloween Fabric bags are a quick and easy sewing project. Halloween bags are perfect for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, or any night occasions.


Don’t Forget Halloween Fabric Witch Hat


Now add a touch of elegance to your Halloween party this year with a Floating Witch Hat. A witch hat is a Hallow’s Eve staple that makes any costume look adorable. The witch is also one of the main traditional character associated with Halloween. If you’re planning to dress up as a witch for this holiday then you obviously need a classic witch hat too.


Ghost Shades



These magnificent ghost shades made from Halloween fabrics are the best, and a spooky as well as unique addition to your room. You can cover up your windows with these ghost cloth shades that gives your entire house an elegant look. This Halloween season you must try these antique crafts to make your home look fabulous.


Easy to Make Scary Costume



Now you don’t have to spend much $$$ on a store-bought costume or makeup to stay perfect on Halloween. These awesome looks are simple to recreate, but still totally unique.


Superhero Capes


This is one of the easiest and most timeless costumes to make for Halloween. This superhero cape adds an elegant touch to your Halloween parties and also makes you stand out. It depends on your creativity what steps you take in designing your own Halloween stuff to look attractive in a large crowd.


DIY Pumpkin Crafts


Now you can easily wrap up your favorite Halloween treats and then open the pumpkin like a present. This is an amazing addition to your Halloween party. If you are throwing a Halloween party for your friends then you can distribute these pumpkins amongst them before entering your Halloween party; it’s a fantastic way to welcome them.

Things you need to make the pumpkin: Roll of toilet paper, Halloween fabric, plastic bags, scissors, stick


Steps to Make a Pumpkin Present



Place the pumpkin fabric print side down.



Take a roll of tissue and place it on the top of the plastic bag and start tucking the plastic bag into the roll. Flip the role of tissue and poke a hole on the opposite side.



Start pushing the fabric into one side of the toilet paper roll.



Place a stick into the toilet paper roll to make the stem of the pumpkin.


You can choose any fabric you want as it’s Halloween season. Make sure that you check the fabric as it needs only ¼ per pumpkin.


Dog Bandanas


Halloween is a popular holiday amongst the DIY community for creating fabulous handmade costumes using Halloween fabric. Design a bandana to give your dog an entirely different cute look this Holiday season.


Halloween Placemats


This Halloween placemat looks stunning on your table while decorating your home for Halloween. It adds a touch of elegance to your decoration and makes your home glow like shining stars. It is a perfect match for your Halloween theme. This holiday season your Halloween parties will look more attractive when your guests arrive and see a dinner table full of handmade Halloween things. Turn your table into a spooky look for a Halloween feast.


Halloween Fabric Masks for Kids

Wearing fabric masks are the best choice for Halloween theme parties. Kids love masks during the Halloween season as they love masks so why not to try fabric masks this Halloween festive?


Spooky Halloween Hand Puppets


These scary Halloween hand puppets are best for your kid’s arts and crafts project and also perfect as a gift or for Halloween decoration purposes.


These puppets would be fun at Halloween parties. There is a stick inside the puppet to make puppeteering it easier. Here is a video for assembling your spooky Halloween puppet.


In this video you will learn to make a puppet head and hands as well as dress it up. You will also learn to control your puppet with sticks while doing some complex puppeteering.




Halloween Hanging Ghosts

This is one of the easiest things kids can make using Halloween fabric. You can keep your kids busy painting the Halloween ghost.


Zombie Dolls

These Halloween cloth zombie dolls give you full satisfaction while decorating your home for a Halloween party. You can entertain children at your party through these scary zombie dolls and make the environment frightful for the other guests to enjoy boundlessly.

Halloween Fabric Face Pillows

Every year the Holiday season comes and bring a lot of fun and happiness in our life. These Halloween fabric face pillows give your room a unique and eye-catching look. You can place these face pillows in your kids’ rooms so that they enjoy sleeping with them. Now pick up your favorite DIY sewing crafts and get started!


orange gravestone Halloween fabric by Ink & Arrow

orange gravestone Halloween fabric by Ink & Arrow

purple Cosmo Halloween fabric with ghosts

purple Cosmo Halloween fabric with ghosts

grey Halloween Michael Miller cat fabric

grey Halloween Michael Miller cat fabric

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