Don’t forget to read – Happy World Book Day

Yes, we know, it’s kind of the same old story: Reading is important and everybody should read more. We’ve heard it a million times. But it’s very true! That’s why we don’t get tired to stress it on today’s International Day of the Book. It was established by the UNESCO and is already celebrated since 1995. You can imagine what it is for: To promote reading, publishing and copyright.

We have to admit that we don’t carry many books that we can offer you to read. But we have many accessories that will make reading even more fun: Colourful and funny bookmarks, lots of notebooks or stamps in cute book cases. And then there is also the lovely Momiji Doll Clarice from the “book club by luli bunny dolls” collection. The super kawaii friendship doll loves books very much, therefore she even comes with a button saying “I love books”. What a cute symbol to transport today’s message.

So people all around the world: Don’t forget to read. It’s fun!

Japanese momiji doll friendship doll Clarice

Japanese momiji doll friendship doll Clarice

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