Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii

We teamed up with Super Cute Kawaii ( for a super cute giveaway! Go to their blog post and join the giveaway and you have a chance to win a cute bento box, a bento box belt, a donut paper bag, a deer letter set and a surprise Re-Ment miniature item! That’s a really great prize, isn’t it? What do you have to do? Comment below their blog post and tell them your favorite item in our shop. If you follow us on Twitter or become a fan on our Facebook Fanpage, you will get extra entries. If you write about this giveaway on your own blog, you get another 2 extra entries! So hurry up and check out the Super Cute Kawaii giveaway! The giveaway closes at 12pm BST on Monday 13th September.

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 1

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 2

you can win this cute bento box

Giveaway with Super Cute Kawaii 3

win this cute donut paper bag, a bear bento box lunch belt, surprise Re-Ment and a deer letter set

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