Chinese Bank Account

I got a new source of some suppliers in China and they have only bank accounts in China. So we had to get a Chinese bank account ourself. First, we opened a bank account at China Merchants Bank in Hong Kong and then Alan went to China and opened another account there at the same bank. Really complicated, but these banks here work like that.

We tried to use the internet banking today but it didn’t work. So we called to the Hong Kong branch and asked why and they said, we can only have one internet banking for each ID. Now, that is stupid. Alan has to go to the Hong Kong branch again and apply to connect these 2 accounts together so we will be able to transfer money from Hong Kong to China and then from there to our suppliers. Such a complicated procedure but, on the other hand, the fees are really low. So, who complains? I can’t wait to get this working so I can order lots of new items for my kawaii shop.

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