Debika Japan visits our office

Today Sonny, who is the Sales Manager from Debika Japan, came to visit us in our office. He flew from Japan to Hong Kong just to visit us and show us their newest products. Isn’t that nice of him? Debika is making lots of clay products which we are very interested in selling. Right now, we only sell one of their clay sets. With this set you can make your own jewelry charms using clay and some cute accessories.
But Debika has a lot more to offer including making your own erasers, soap, pottery + they have all the necessary accessories like molds, whipped cream clay, rhinestones and something really awesome: fragrances! You can use those small bottles to drip some liquid on to your finished project and it smells like maple, vanilla, chocolate or any of the other fragrances they have. I tested the maple fragrance, it smelled so good! Sonny told us that they use real food ingredients, so if you are hungry, you can even eat it 😉
He also showed us some new products which will come out next month. The items I am most excited about are some clay finishes. You can make your clay look like wood, or a stone-finish, or a rough street look, metallic look etc. It really looks awesome. We are very excited to start working with Debika together and sell their products in our shop. I will keep you informed here on our blog once the products are available in our shop. Stay tuned for more news!

Sonny and me and lots of clay products

Sonny and me and lots of clay products

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4 Responses to “Debika Japan visits our office”

  • Amy says:

    Would you happen to know where I could purchase the Debika Bath Bomb making kit? I REALLY want to try it out 🙂

  • modes4u says:

    Hi Amy,

    thank you for your email.
    We will start selling the Bath Bomb making kit very soon!
    Please check our shop again in a few weeks.
    We will also inform everyone via our Facebook Fanpage:

    Best regards,

  • Tricia says:

    I didn’t see the kit for the bath bombs on your site, are you still planning on carrying them?

  • modes4u says:

    Dear Tricia,

    sorry, we are still waiting for the delivery of the bath bombs. The next Debika delivery should arrive in about 2-3 weeks.
    We will try our best to have the bath bomb set included.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

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