Finally contact with Cosmo Fabrics Japan

Today I was finally able to contact Cosmo Fabrics in Japan. I was looking for their contact details for a long, long time because we really wanted to sell their really cute fabrics. We don’t order our fabrics from wholesalers or distributors but only directly from the manufacturer, therefore I was looking very hard to find the maker of all those cute, kawaii fabrics. I am sure fans of Japanese, kawaii fabric have seen them before and know why we want them so badly. We got a lot of customer requests to stock them and today I was able to contact their sales department in Japan. Without knowing Japanese it is almost impossible to find any Japanese manufacturer. Cosmo and we will work out the details now and hopefully a first order of Cosmo fabrics will arrive soon. I will definitely keep everyone updated here on our blog about any news.

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3 Responses to “Finally contact with Cosmo Fabrics Japan”

  • Emma Bergström says:


    Me myself are trying to find them! Could you help me with an e-mail adress to them please. I am a small reseller in Sweden not trying to compete with you, Regards Emma

  • Anne Kamili says:


    I am from Indonesia, trying to find the sales person contact for Cosmo Fabrics Japan too. I am just about to start up a very small project using Japanese fabrics. Would be great if I have direct transaction with the manufacturer. Could you please help share their email address? Thank you, Anne

  • Thuzar says:

    I’m from Singapore.I need your sale person who can handle with my order.I need to buy chirimen, satin slab big quantity .pls contct me.


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