Job interviews

WOW I never expected that. Our job vacancy post was approved by the Hong Kong labour deparment today and uploaded to their website. Now, we receive calls the whole day, people calling to make an appointment for a job interview. We also get lots of email job applications but most people call. We try to sort out the people most suitable and made some appointments for today already. Alan is conducting the interviews now. As the job interview is in Chinese, it is not important for me to join the interview. At the end of each interview I talk a little bit with each interviewee to see how their English is and to get a first impression of each person. Most people we interviewed so far are older, that means at least over 40 years old. As I am still in my twenties it is a bit weird to imagine I could be a boss of a person who could be my mum/dad (based on their age). I took some pictures of Alan while he interviewed a few people.

Job interviews 1

Alan is interviewing an older lady

Job interviews 2

another job interview

Job interviews 3

and the third job interview of the day

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