modes4u team: Rilakkuma asks……. Karen

We’ve already introduced you to large parts of our team, but some very important people are still missing. Like our packing fairy Karen!

Hello, who are you by the way?
My name is Karen. I’m 32 years old and come from Hong Kong. I have been working for modes4u for 1 ½ years now and like it a lot. Before I had a job as an animator for many years, where I animated cartoons.

What is your job at modes4u?
I am one of the packing staff here and do everything from picking products, wrapping and packing, cutting fabrics from the bolts, sticking stamps on the envelopes to taking the packages to the post office. Of course I can’t do all of this by myself, I share these tasks with my colleagues Lok and Veronica.

We have lots of Japanese products and as I speak a bit of Japanese I sometimes have to help out Bianca, when she is describing the products and needs additional information.

What is your favourite product or your favourite category at modes4u?
I loooove Rilakkuma, so working here is my personal heaven. All the Rilakkuma products are really lovely, but I like the Rilakkuma plushies the most. My absolute favourite is our giant Rilakkuma office mascot, which is almost taller than me. Fortunately he is not for sale, so I can see him every day when I’m at work.

What do you like most about your job at modes4u?
I really enjoy the friendly and almost familiar atmosphere. And it is so cool to work in an international team, because I am super curious to learn about different cultures. I absorb all the new information like a sponge and take every opportunity to try local food from the different countries.

I also like to work with our products; it’s really fun to pack them.

You’re surrounded by creative stuff the whole day. Do you like to craft or to be creative in your leisure time?
I don’t craft very much, but express myself in a different way in my leisure time. I like to cook very much for example. As my colleagues bring delicious self-made pastry frequently, it really makes me want to bake too, but unfortunately we don’t have an oven (lots of people don’t in Hong Kong). So the other week I made a dessert called “chocolate salami”, a big chocolate roll filled with nuts, cookies and pistachios. It looked like a salami when you cut in slices. It was pastry without baking.

After work I also take language classes, I started to learn Korean last year and also took English classes to improve my English.

As happy as can be: Karen with our Rilakkuma office mascot

As happy as can be: Karen with our Rilakkuma office mascot

It really looks like salami, but was a delicious chocolate dessert - Karens yummy chocolate salami

It really looks like salami, but was a delicious chocolate dessert – Karens yummy chocolate salami

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4 Responses to “modes4u team: Rilakkuma asks……. Karen”

  • RAYMOND angele says:

    bonjour, a ce jour je n’est toujours pas reçu ma commande n° 34339 du 8/01/2012 n° colis : RC235420295HK,
    merci de me repondre rapidement, je vous en remercie par avance, cordialement
    mme RAYMOND angéle
    les duprès 58350 colmery

  • gabi@modes4u says:

    Bonjour, j’ai vous envoyé un email avec des informations concernant votre commande. Bonne journée!

  • Faith says:

    Yay! I love Rilakkuma plushies the most too 🙂

  • When you fill orders and many of them are probably European, so you measure in yards, meters or other forms? My order #45692 was for 6 yards of fabric. 3 1/4 was the amount I received so I felt I was shortened. Can you help me correct the situation? Thanks!

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