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Rilakkuma has more questions for our staff in a new interview! This time he spoke with Oliver to find out more about our awesome team member:

Here they are, ready for the interview!

Here they are, ready for the interview!

Hello, who are you by the way?

I’m Oliver from Möchengladbach, Germany. I came to Hong a few years ago and started working in an e-commerce company. Hong Kong is a great city, which combines Eastern and Western culture and close enough to my second home in Japan. It’s also a great place to get to many destinations within Asia.

What is your job at modes4u?

I am in charge of all customer related tasks at modes4u. I handle all email inquiries providing our customers with all necessary information. My main task is to solve issues, concerning customer queries and questions regarding their orders and the products in our shops via email, Facebook or phone.

What is your favourite product or your favourite category at modes4u?

The variety of coffee flavors in our office never fails to amaze me. Just joking. I am a really big fan of our Rilakkuma plush dolls and have a special collection of limited dolls. Rilakkuma means ‘relax bear’ in Japanese and I like many things in Japanese culture as well.

What do you like most about your job at modes4u?

It’s interesting to be in contact with our great customers. I have experience in e-commerce and handling customer related enquiries, but I have never met customers as friendly as here. Every day holds some surprises, for example because our customers send a lot of positive feedback often including pictures of their hand crafted cloths and accessories made from our great fabrics.

You’re surrounded by creative stuff the whole day. Do you like to craft or to be creative in your leisure time?

I used to craft a little, but I am more familiar with creative cooking, combining Asian and Western cuisine, and I love sports. I aim to achieve a good balance by doing exercise and travelling in my free time. 

They've got lots to talk about.

They’ve got lots to talk about.

The interview left Rilakkuma exhausted.

The interview left Rilakkuma exhausted.

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