New cutting tool for our fabrics

We purchased a new cutting tool for cutting our fabrics faster and more efficient. As our number of fabric orders increased significantly over the last weeks, we decided to order a professional automatic fabric cutting tool. We fixed the tool onto the floor because our floor tiles are exactly 0.5m wide, so they are perfect as a measuring tool for our fabrics (all our fabrics are sold in 0.5m increments). The fabric cutter is very easy to use. It is electrical, so you only need to turn it on, put the fabric correctly over the metal blade and push it slightly and it cuts the fabric perfectly and clean. It is so easy to use, you can cut the fabric with one finger only! What an improvement to our previous manual hand fabric cutter. I took some pictures of the tool below, so you can see how it looks like (the counter is counting how many fabrics you cut on that day):

New cutting tool for our fabrics 1

our old hand fabric cutter

New cutting tool for our fabrics 2

our new 'toy': an automatic fabric cutter

New cutting tool for our fabrics 3

closeup of the fabric cutter including counter

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  • tanmay says:

    fabric or rubber sheet cutter

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