New delivery of squishies for our shop

Yesterday we got a big box full of squishies, that we will add as soon as possible to our shop. All the female staff was super excited about the new delivery. Everybody gathered around the box and was rummaging through all the squishies for a loooong time. Well, there were really many different ones in there, so there was a lot to discover and look at. We have so many designs now, e.g. donut squishies and sandwiches, new Rilakkuma squishies (cute bread ones), Hello Kitty squishies, funny animals like bears and whales and more. In the end everybody got to pick one squishie for themselves. And guess what, everybody picked one from the Rilakkuma collection. Looks like we already have a favourite. Which one is yours?

The female modes4u staff with the new squishies

The female modes4u staff with the new squishies

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