Visiting Kokka Japan

Today we had an appointment with Kokka who is the leading fabric manufacturer in Japan. They have lots of really cute and beautiful fabrics, so I contacted them in Japan and introduced our business to them. They were very interested in working with us together, so they set up a meeting with us in Hong Kong. Luckily, they have a Hong Kong office, so we didn’t need to fly to Japan for the meeting (although I would have really enjoyed a trip to Japan haha). We met with the boss from Japan, who is a really nice and friendly guy and his staff member, who his responsible for their Kokka customers. They showed us a lot of fabric and I was so excited. All these super cute, very detailed and amazing quality fabrics. I was immediately convinced that these fabrics are perfect for our shop and our customers. Everyone will just love them. The print and the colours are so detailed and clear, just incredible. So I chose all my favourite designs and they will prepare the swatches for us and send them by courier to our office tomorrow. I can’t wait to show these fabrics to our customers and order some fabric for our shop as soon as possible.

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