We will get a new office!

I signed the contract for the lease of a new office last evening. Wow, it happened so fast. My husband’s auntie, who is a property agent, called us a few days ago and said that there are some offices available in the area of our current office. Of course I agreed to check them out in the hope to get a better deal. And I really did find one. It is a bit smaller, but the area is much more useful because it doesn’t have a long corridor like the current one (which just wastes space and therefore money). The standard is much better because it was just renovated, so everything is new and clean. The whole office is very bright and I have a great view over Kwai Fong. It’s cheaper too 😉 And the best part: the new office is just one floor below the current one, but facing a different direction!!! How cool is that! We only need to move one floor down. I can’t wait to move into the new, bright office at the end of this month.

Here you can have a look at my new office:

part of my new office

this is my new office

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