Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket

Today I found some really fun food in the supermarket here in Hong Kong. Guess what, I found Hello Kitty spaghetti, Hello Kitty olive oil, Hello Kitty ground coffee and Hello Kitty Italian biscuits. Isn’t that really crazy? I had to take some pictures to show you guys:

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 1

Hello Kitty spaghetti

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 2

Hello Kitty pasta

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 3

Hello Kitty olive oil

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 4

Hello Kitty bolognese sauce

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 5

Hello Kitty noodles

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 6

Hello Kitty ground coffee

Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket 7

Hello Kitty Italian biscuits

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13 Responses to “Hello Kitty Food in the supermarket”

  • Hiromi says:

    What is crazy about this? It’s lovely!! I want to know where I can get those – please tell me!! seems to be all Italian food products, right? – good combination of Hello Kitty and Italian Food :*) You are not thinking they smell like cat, right?

  • modes4u says:

    Haha, I think it is a little crazy 😉
    They were sold in Hong Kong supermarkets before but I don’t think they still sell them.

  • david says:

    please visit either City Super – Jusco – Great in hong kong – all produce is made in Italy exclusively for Hello Kitty – look out for our new Icecreams, fruit drinks and specialty deserts coming soon -Enjoy

  • Michelle says:

    I have tried them and I can tell you that they are great!!!!! Especially if you cook pasta, with the bolognese sauce and a bit of olive oil…. mmmmmm I can still taste them!!!!

  • modes4u says:

    Thanks David for sharing this information here. I haven’t been to City Super, Jusco or Great for a while, so didn’t see them again.

  • yurichan says:

    I know it sound crazy but the products you have found comes from Milano, Italy, my city
    We have here an office and the other is in Hong Kong, stupid is the italian branch doesn’t sell anything inside Italy !!!
    I wonder if you can do me a favour, my baby 2 years old gets crazy for hello kitty, w wanted to buy but we discovered there is no shop here and she started to cry, as ypou can find easily at your local supermarket, would it be a problem for you earning a little bit of money sending in Italy some Hello kitty shaped pasta ? (not the spaghetti, just the one shaped Kitty, he second foto you posted) I would pay for the packets of pasta and the shipping and a little sum for your disturb of course, you would make my baby the happiest kid ever ^________^

  • modes4u says:

    sorry, we dont sell those Hello Kitty noodles in our shop. I also havent seen those noodles again for a while. I wrote this blog post one year ago and food products change very quickly in Hong Kong. Sorry that I cannot help.
    Best regards,

  • Melissa says:

    :O omg thats awesome! xD i would buy those

  • roberta says:

    where i can buy online?

  • modes4u says:

    Hi Roberta,
    sorry, we do not sell those.

  • danielle says:

    kan ik hello kitty pasta kopen in nederland

  • kelley says:


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