Living next door to…a giant tortoise

Hong Kong is full of surprises. It could even happen that one day you share the elevator with a giant tortoise that is just being taken out for a walk by its owner. Yeah, sounds pretty unlikely, doesn’t it? Still it happened to our team member Bianca. Not only was she quite impressed by meeting such an unusual pet, but also by the routine of the situation. Because the tortoise goes for a walk every day and knows exactly what to do: Ride the elevator, ‘run’ to the exit and wait for someone to open the door (or just run against it until somebody does). As soon as it is outside it can stroll around, always watched by its owner, who doesn’t have a very hard job in doing so. And getting its picture taken didn’t disturb the massive reptile either – it’s probably already used  to being a little celebrity.

It was an encounter of a different kind but definitely unforgettable – at least for the humans involved.

The giant tortoise heading from the elevator to the door

The giant tortoise heading from the elevator to the door

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