Typhoon Nesat in Hong Kong

A typhoon swept past Hong Kong today. Especially in the summertime this happens quite frequently over here, but this one was pretty powerful. All offices, schools and many shops are closed today. Many ferries and some buses can’t go, as it’s just too stormy and dangerous. Oh yes, and as all post offices are closed, we can’t ship any orders today either. We’re really sorry about that, but our hands are just tied here. Most of our staff stayed at home too, but our 2 bosses came in to enjoy the silent working atmosphere. All the streets, highways and public transportation are really empty, which is so unusual for Hong Kong.
Typhoon Nesat has been on the news a lot, as it already hit the Philippines, where a lot of people died. Fortunately nothing that bad happened over here, but still a couple of people were injured. We found some videos and articles about it, that we want to share with you guys. For us it’s kind of strange to watch, because it looks a lot more dramatic than we experienced it. It was mainly a stormy day with a lot of rain :-).

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