Before / After make up shows

We are using some pictures from Japanese catalogs with really cute looking girls on them. I know lots of people wonder, how they do their make up and how they can look so different than other Asian girls. Their eyes are super big like dolls, very long eye lashes, perfect skin, blonde hair, lots of eye make up, nice clothes and so on. My sister-in-law found 2 videos on YouTube for me to show you guys how these girls really look like and how to do this make up. The videos are from a Taiwanese TV show and is actually really mean. They show 2 girls with make up on pictures and then show how the girls look in real. Everyone makes fun of them when they reveal themselves and I think that’s really harsh. After that, the 2 girls show how they do their make up to look like on the pictures again. Enjoy!

Tip: with make up: 00:09 and 00:49, without make up: 02:18 and 4:25

Tip: posing for the camera: 03:50 and 04:45

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