Day 3 in Japan

We got up early again because we wanted to see so many things again 😉 First we went to the Meiji Jingu Shrine near Harajuku. This park and shrine is famous for it’s Sunday’s traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies, tea ceremonies and other ceremonies. As it was a Sunday, we had to go there.

Day 3 in Japan 1

on the way to the subway station

Day 3 in Japan 2

me in front of the entrance to the Meiji Jingu park

Day 3 in Japan 3

inside the park

Day 3 in Japan 4

traditional hand washing before entering the shrine

Day 3 in Japan 5

Me in front of the shrine. It was a weird because it felt like you are in a Japanese martial arts movie, the scene was so typical for this kind of movies.

Day 3 in Japan 6

and finally we spotted the first wedding ceremony

Day 3 in Japan 7

another wedding couple. It took about 5mins + 5 people

Day 3 in Japan 8

traditional Japanese wedding couple. It was really hard to guess the women's age because they wore so much make up.

Day 3 in Japan 9

they have special cars which can lift the roof for the bride. It took quite long to get her in the car 😉

Day 3 in Japan 10

Alan and me in front of the shrine

Day 3 in Japan 11

we went to a restaurant in the park to get some refreshments and found this ice cream vending machine.

After that we went to Harajuku, the most famous shopping district in Tokyo. We were very excited to see this place because we heard so much about it and we were also planning to search for some new products and inspirations for our shop.

Day 3 in Japan 12

on the left Harajuku station and on the right the shopping district

Day 3 in Japan 13

entrance to the craziest shopping street in the world (I dare say)

Day 3 in Japan 14

in front of every shop girls are promoting products

Day 3 in Japan 15

we saw this funny guy dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

Day 3 in Japan 16

the streets were super crowded

Day 3 in Japan 17

and of course cute products everywhere, this shop even had a pink plane inside

Day 3 in Japan 18

and then we surprisingly found this pretty quiet park in the middle of Harajuku

Day 3 in Japan 19

there were some really pretty blooming trees

Day 3 in Japan 20

typical Japanese garden with pond; and another wedding couple (they even got a red carpet rolled out for them)

Day 3 in Japan 21

I actually planned to check out Forever 21, but look at those crowds, there was no chance I could find or try on anything.

Day 3 in Japan 22

people, people and more people

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