Day 4 in Japan

Our last day in Tokyo! We got up early in the morning again because we wanted to see Ginza and part of Shinjuku before hearding to the airport. On the subway we experienced the crazy Tokyo rush hour everyone talks about. Usually people are really polite and cautious, but suddenly they were all pushing into the train like mad and it was really crowded. We walked along the main street in Ginza and took lots of nice pictures. As it was 10am in the morning it was really quiet there and it was very nice walking around.

Day 4 in Japan 1

me in Ginza

Day 4 in Japan 2

there were so many pretty blooming trees

Day 4 in Japan 3

Alan and me on Ginza

Day 4 in Japan 4

Nissan has a showroom there showing a Zero Emission concept car

Day 4 in Japan 5

we saw some cute delivery trucks

Day 4 in Japan 6

another cute promotion truck


Day 4 in Japan 7

Japanese bakery in Mitsukoshi

We found a really cute shop there called “Toypark“, many floors with toys, plushies and more. We took lots of pictures in the store:

Day 4 in Japan 8

store front of Toypark

Day 4 in Japan 9

they had a Hello Kitty robot

Day 4 in Japan 10

lots of Rilakkuma plush toys

Day 4 in Japan 11

me with a big Hello Kitty plushie

Day 4 in Japan 12

lots of cute things

Day 4 in Japan 13

Totoro plushies

Day 4 in Japan 14

me with Nyanpire

Day 4 in Japan 15

DIY toys to make cakes, cookies, sandwiches, candy and more

Day 4 in Japan 16

they even had a big racing park, Fernando Alonso has been playing there before (they showed a pic of him playing)

Day 4 in Japan 17

me with a huge almost man-sized Nohohon

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2 Responses to “Day 4 in Japan”

  • Pia says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ it’s so kawaii…I want to go to Japan!! <3

  • Zerbini says:

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