Latest shipping dates for Christmas 2014

Hong Kong Post released the latest shipping dates for Christmas 2014, which tell you when your orders have to be mailed the latest so that they still arrive before Christmas Day.

Please check this year’s chart below carefully, as for many countries the latest shipping dates are already at the end of November!

However, Hong Kong Post stresses that the dates are provisional, they are worked out based on the requirements of overseas postal administrations. The dates below are no guarantee and we strongly recommend to order earlier than the dates shown below.

But no worries, if you still want to order for Christmas after the cutoff dates for your country you can still choose Express shipping. This only takes 1-5 business days!

Philippines 26.11.14 Vietnam 11.12.14
Indonesia 11.12.14 Singapore 10.12.14
Thailand 06.12.14 Malaysia 06.12.14
Argentina 29.11.14 USA 06.12.14
Brazil 03.12.14 Canada 06.12.14
Mexico 26.11.14
Austria 05.12.14 Malta 28.11.14
Belgium 08.12.14 Montenegro 09.12.14
Cyprus 03.12.14 Netherlands 04.12.14
Czech 02.12.14 Norway 06.12.14
Denmark 05.12.14 Poland 04.12.14
Estonia 05.12.14 Portugal 01.12.14
Finland 08.12.14 Romania 08.12.14
France 02.12.14 Russia 22.11.14
Germany 01.12.14 Serbia 10.12.14
Gibraltar 03.12.14 Slovakia 02.12.14
Greece 29.11.14 Spain 05.12.14
Hungary 08.12.14 Sweden 29.11.14
Iceland 01.12.14 Switzerland 05.12.14
Ireland 06.12.14 Turkey 04.12.14
Italy 05.12.14 United Kingdom 02.12.14
Latvia 29.11.14
Lithuania 04.12.14 other countries 06.12.14
Australia 13.12.14 New Zealand 06.12.14

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