First YouTube Subscribers

We have a YouTube channel where we posted a few videos about our office, work and products so far. Today we got our first subscriber! I know that’s nothing really special but I thought it’s a good occassion to mention our YouTube channel here on our blog. Here is the link to our YouTube channel: modes4u YouTube channel We also uploaded a video we took in Tokyo, Japan. We plan to take more movies of our products and our work and upload them on our channel. Please let us know if you have any suggestions what kind of videos you would like to see!

First YouTube Subscribers 1

our YouTube channel

New Hello Kitty fabrics

Lots of new Hello Kitty fabrics arrived at our office today. There are lots of new cute prints with Hello Kitty, her friends, animals, hearts, dots, Hello Kitty as a baby and many more. Have a look at the pictures below, if you click on the pictures you will be redirected to our online shop and you can buy the fabrics there.

New Hello Kitty fabrics 1

Hello Kitty winter pattern on canvas fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 2

cute Hello Kitty fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 3

blue Hello Kitty fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 4

Hello Kitty babies with dolphins and toys

New Hello Kitty fabrics 5

kawaii Hello Kitty with baby fabric

Expanding our warehouse space

We ordered some more shelves for our office so we can expand our warehouse space and stock more products. We totally ran out of space and had to get more shelves. I took some pictures to show how hard we worked today 😉

Expanding our warehouse space 1

the first few new shelves are standing

Expanding our warehouse space 2

we plan to expand our fabric section

Expanding our warehouse space 3

all Kutsuwa products (DIY clay sets) got their own shelves

Expanding our warehouse space 4

after we finished: the fabrics have more space now and we are ready to receive the next fabric orders 🙂

Expanding our warehouse space 5

more space for our Kokka fabric bolts

Expanding our warehouse space 6

part of our stock + the packing area

Expanding our warehouse space 7

me working on my desk (on the left side is Pui Chi, my sister-in-law who was making buttons in that moment)

Before / After make up shows

We are using some pictures from Japanese catalogs with really cute looking girls on them. I know lots of people wonder, how they do their make up and how they can look so different than other Asian girls. Their eyes are super big like dolls, very long eye lashes, perfect skin, blonde hair, lots of eye make up, nice clothes and so on. My sister-in-law found 2 videos on YouTube for me to show you guys how these girls really look like and how to do this make up. The videos are from a Taiwanese TV show and is actually really mean. They show 2 girls with make up on pictures and then show how the girls look in real. Everyone makes fun of them when they reveal themselves and I think that’s really harsh. After that, the 2 girls show how they do their make up to look like on the pictures again. Enjoy!

Tip: with make up: 00:09 and 00:49, without make up: 02:18 and 4:25

Tip: posing for the camera: 03:50 and 04:45

New Category ‘New Products’

As we are getting so many new products every week, we decided to make a new category in our online shop called “New Products“. This category shows all products we got within the last 2 weeks and they are ordered by date. That means when you click into the category, the top item is the newest product we added to the shop. I hope this category helps our customers to get an overview of the latest products we have in our kawaii shop.

New Category 'New Products' 1

screenshot of our shop with the new category

New Kutsuwa products available

There are new Kutsuwa clay products available in our shop now. We got 2 more clay sets to make your own donuts, macaroons and other sweets and we finally got some glitter, deco stones and more for decorating cellphones, NDS, PSP and more. There is also a yellow Fuwa Fuwa clay in store now. All products are from Japan and have the perfect Japanese quality.

New Kutsuwa products available 1

Japanese DIY clay set for making macaroons and other sweets

New Kutsuwa products available 2

DIY clay set for lots of different donuts

New Kutsuwa products available 3

yellow Fuwa Fuwa clay from Japan

New Kutsuwa products available 4

tiny decoden items

Magazine publishes our hairclips

I got an enquiry from a German magazine editor because they want to publish our cherry hairclips in their magazine. The magazine is a customer magazine for bank customers. Funnily, we are customers with that German bank too 😉 What a coincidence! We will get a copy of the magazine once it is printed. Here are the 2 pictures they got from us:

Magazines publishes our hairclips 1

cherry hairclips

Magazines publishes our hairclips 2

skull cherry hairclips

Cosmo fabrics available now

We finally got our first delivery of Cosmo fabrics from Japan! We are so excited, it was so hard to find those fabrics as they are made in Japan and we had to find the manufacturer first. We are now an official distributor for Cosmo fabrics! We placed an order right away, but only half of the order arrived today. The other half will arrive at the end of May. We got some fabrics with cute girls, Alice in Wonderland fabric, fabric with sweets and donuts and Paris themed fabric.

Cosmo fabrics available now 1

Alice in Wonderland fabric from Japan

Cosmo fabrics available now 2

cute Cosmo fabric with girls

Cosmo fabrics available now 3

Japanese kawaii fabric

Cosmo fabrics available now 4

Japanese fabric with donuts, sweets, cupcakes, candy and more

Cosmo fabrics available now 5

Paris themed Japanese fabric

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available

We got some new Japanese fabrics from Kokka today. Most of them are fairy tale prints with Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Bremen Town Musicians and Bambi. We also got a really cute cupcake fabric, little florets print, circus animals fabric and a Japanese Jersey with cars suitable especially for boys. Here are some pictures with links directly to our shop:

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 1

Japanese fabric with Little Red Riding Hood

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 2

Peter Pan fabric

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 3

Bremen Town Musicians fabric

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 4

Japanese jersey with cars

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 5

gauze fabric with cute cupcakes

New Japanese fabrics by Kokka available 6

Cinderella fabric

2000th order

Today we got our 2,000th order in our online shop! Wow! We are so proud of that. Our 2,000th order goes to a customer in Bournemouth in the UK. I have been to Bournemouth a few years ago, it’s a cute little city at the Southern coast of the UK. We would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers who support us so much and are also so kind, friendly, funny, patient and more 🙂