More bento boxes from Japan

Our bento boxes are selling really well and are very popular with our wholesale customers as well. Therefore we had to restock sold out lunch boxes and also order some new designs from Japan. Today they arrived at our office. They are perfect for bringing your lunch to work/school/kindergarten. Our staff brings her lunch with such box to work every day. It is very useful because the bento box can be closed airtight, the foods stays safely in one place and even keeps the food a bit warm. The bentos are microwave safe, so just remove the lid, put the lunch box with your lunch in the microwave and you have a ready made meal. We even got some cute thermo bottles so you can bring your coffe/tea/soup to work and help the environment. Have a look at the pictures below, they are just so adorable! You never have to feel embarrased again for bringing pre-cooked food to work to safe money on restaurants.

More bento boxes from Japan 1

pink bunny with cupcake bento box

More bento boxes from Japan 2

cute small lunch box with hedgehogs

More bento boxes from Japan 3

baby-blue bento box with white polka dots and ribbon

More bento boxes from Japan 4

triangular-shaped bento box set for rice

More bento boxes from Japan 5

pink thermo bottle with small donuts

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon

These solar toys arrived today from our supplier. They are solar powered lucky cats who nod with their heads continuously. The toys are powered by solar energy and do not need any battery. Those solar toys are called Nohohon and are very popular in Asia. As they are still a very rare attraction in Europe/North America, they are a perfect gift for someone who loves cute things. Maneki Neko means Lucky Cat and is a very common character in Asia for wishing good luck, fortune and wealth. Below you can see 2 videos we took of our Nohohons and put them on Youtube.

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon 1

orange Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon 2

golden Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohon 3

set of Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Nohohons

1st day of our new staff member

Today is the 1st day of our newest addition to our team: Her name is Bonnie and she will work with us together in a fulltime position. So we are now a team of 3 fulltime staff. She will be responsible for packing all your orders and ship them. She will also take care of some office related work like scanning documents and pictures, helping with the wholesale catalogs, buying office supplies and other related work. Welcome to our team Bonnie!

1st day of our new staff member 1

me teaching Bonnie how to pack the orders

New Office Equipment

We purchased some new office equipment today as our new team member will start in a few days. We got a new laser printer (for printing shipping labels), a barcode scanner (for scanning the tracking numbers while packing orders), a network server (to share files between our 3 computers), 2 huge hard disks (1.5 TB each; one harddisk is for making a backup of the other one), wireless LAN adapter, mouse, COM port and extension cable 😉 I think now we are perfectly prepared for our new staff 🙂

New Office Equipment 1

New Office Equipment 1

1500th order in our shop

Our 1500th online shop order was placed in our shop today! We are so excited here about this. The customer is from Wuppertal, Germany. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all our customers! You cannot imagine how happy we are that our hard work is paying off and our shop is getting more popular.

New office furniture from Ikea

We ordered lots of new furniture from Ikea for our office last weekend and it was delivered by Ikea today. This is really convenient here in Hong Kong. For a small amount of money Ikea delivers all items to your home/office and even assembles them for you if you want. Alan loves doing this by himself so we only told them to deliver the furniture. We got 2 big tables which will be our packing table from now on, 4 more shelfs + a small table for taking photos of our products. We ran out of space on our shelfs because our products are getting more and more. The 2 big tables will be for our new staff to pack the orders + enough space for a computer for her. I will post some pictures of the new office and make a new office tour – video soon (I did a office tour video when we moved in last year:

Job interviews

WOW I never expected that. Our job vacancy post was approved by the Hong Kong labour deparment today and uploaded to their website. Now, we receive calls the whole day, people calling to make an appointment for a job interview. We also get lots of email job applications but most people call. We try to sort out the people most suitable and made some appointments for today already. Alan is conducting the interviews now. As the job interview is in Chinese, it is not important for me to join the interview. At the end of each interview I talk a little bit with each interviewee to see how their English is and to get a first impression of each person. Most people we interviewed so far are older, that means at least over 40 years old. As I am still in my twenties it is a bit weird to imagine I could be a boss of a person who could be my mum/dad (based on their age). I took some pictures of Alan while he interviewed a few people.

Job interviews 1

Alan is interviewing an older lady

Job interviews 2

another job interview

Job interviews 3

and the third job interview of the day

Looking for an employee

Our business is growing constantly and during the last 2 months our number of orders incresased significantly, therefore we decided it is time to look for help. We cannot handle everything by ourself anymore. We are 2 people working fulltime for this business but the amount of work is just too much. We need someone who helps us with packing the orders and other office jobs. The Hong Kong labour department has an online Job vacancies website and I wrote a job description for a fulltime warehouse clerk position and posted it online today. I hope we will find a suitable person quickly because we have so much work.

New Bento Boxes from Japan arrived

Today we got a big delivery from Japan including lots of new cute kawaii bento boxes. I just love ordering those Japanese lunch boxes because their quality is very high, the colours and printing perfect and their design is so adorably cute. Below you can see some of the bentos we got today:

New Bento Boxes from Japan arrived 1

Japanese strawberry bento box from Phoenix

New Bento Boxes from Japan arrived 2

Alice in Wonderland Lunch Box

New Bento Boxes from Japan arrived 3

Little Red Riding Hood bento box

New Bento Boxes from Japan arrived 4

4 pieces bento box set with cute bears

New cutting tool for our fabrics

We purchased a new cutting tool for cutting our fabrics faster and more efficient. As our number of fabric orders increased significantly over the last weeks, we decided to order a professional automatic fabric cutting tool. We fixed the tool onto the floor because our floor tiles are exactly 0.5m wide, so they are perfect as a measuring tool for our fabrics (all our fabrics are sold in 0.5m increments). The fabric cutter is very easy to use. It is electrical, so you only need to turn it on, put the fabric correctly over the metal blade and push it slightly and it cuts the fabric perfectly and clean. It is so easy to use, you can cut the fabric with one finger only! What an improvement to our previous manual hand fabric cutter. I took some pictures of the tool below, so you can see how it looks like (the counter is counting how many fabrics you cut on that day):

New cutting tool for our fabrics 1

our old hand fabric cutter

New cutting tool for our fabrics 2

our new 'toy': an automatic fabric cutter

New cutting tool for our fabrics 3

closeup of the fabric cutter including counter