First online Wholesale Order

Yay, we just released the online-wholesale-order opportunity and just received the first order. That’s great, I am sure our wholesale customers will appreciate this great offer and use it often.

Wholesale Shopping available now

We worked very hard on adding this. From now on, our wholesale customers (retail shop owners, online shops, wholesaler etc.) are able to create a wholesale account on our website and then they will be able to login and see our items with wholesale prices. This way, they are able to see our current stock, detailed photos, quantity, prices etc. and can order directly online. It is much more convenient than any other way like catalog orders or by email, fax etc. I wish I could order like this from the manufacturers and other suppliers we have.

Anyone interested in ordering from us in bulk? There is NO minimum order quantity, just a minimum order value of 300 Euro (or 474 USD) per order. More detailed wholesale information can be found here: Wholesale Information

Our items are suitable for shops selling kawaii, Japanese, Asian, Rock, Rockabilly, Emo items and other cute, crazy shops.

Server Move

Our online shop is getting more traffic and we overload our current capacities. Therefore, we decided to move to a new server at our server provider in Germany. There are less websites on this new server, that means less traffic and higher capacities for us. I guess this server should be strong enough for the coming months.

Typhoon in Hong Kong

Today is a typhoon in Hong Kong, therefore we have to stay at home and shouldn’t leave home. It can get really messy when there is a typhoon here. As there are lots of advertisement billboards and the open sea, it can even get dangerous (falling billboards, sudden gusts from the sea etc.) so people are usually advised to stay at home and all offices, small shops, public transporation shut down. So, I enjoy a day at home now. Cheers 😉

new visa is here

Today I could pick up my new visa at the Immigration Office. As my nationality is Austrian I need to apply for a visa to be able to live and work in Hong Kong. My first visa was valid for one year only, this time I got a 3-year-visa which is really cool. I only had to hand in 2 sheets of paper to apply for the extension of my visa. It’s so easy, unbelievably. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to get a visa as a foreigner in Austria. After 3 years, I will get another 3-year-visa and after that I will be able to apply for a permanent residency in Hong Kong.

Have You ever seen a more impressive Immigration Office?

Project Taking Photos Finished

Today we finished our project taking photos of all our new products. YAY! I am very happy with the result. Our products look really good like that, don’t you agree?

New Gym Membership

As I am working, working, working and don’t use my muscles at all, I decided to finally join a gym here in Hong Kong. I have so much excess energy that I need to get rid off. Back in Austria I enjoyed going to the gym and I was looking around for a suitable gym here for a while. It isn’t that easy and I finally decided to join PURE in Langham Place (same building as the Langham Place Hotel). PURE is the best gym chain in Hong Kong with the best standard, very clean, very nice changing rooms, new machines etc. The gym opened less than a year ago, so everything is pretty new. But the biggest advantage is that there are not too many members. It’s really hard to find a place in Hong Kong that isn’t crowded and noisy. As the gym is one of the best in Hong Kong, their membership fee is higher (like 5-6 times higher than other gyms) but I can tell you, it is totally worth it.

New Project Taking Pictures

Today we started with our new project of taking pictures of all our new products. Yesterday I met with a design student whose hobby is taking photos and discussed with him the details. Now, he and a friend of him are taking pictures of all our new products.

We got lots of new products the last few weeks but never had time to take care of them. Now they are busy taking photos of hundreds of products. I also told them to take pictures of our clothes with the new mannikin we got. It will present our clothes better than before. I can’t wait to see the final pictures. It should take a few days for them to finish and then Markus will take care of the editing.

First 10 Orders in our Shop

YAY, we got our first 10 orders in our new online kawaii shop! It took a while since we opened on 23.3.2008 but we have to be patient with our new baby. The shipment went to Marseille in France. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the future. Let’s see when we can pronounce the first 30 orders.

Big Project finally finished

Today we finally finished our big “photo editing” project. We decided a few weeks ago to edit all our existing product photos to make them look more professional. I employed a part time student to do the job for us. He was able to edit all of them within a few weeks. It’s such a big improvement, looking at the pictures now, they look so much better. It was a big project including a couple hundred of photos but now it’s finally done. Thanks to Alan (photographer) and Markus (editor) for their help!

Coming up next: Taking pictures of all our new products we just received and editing them as well. Will be lots of work again but I will get some help from some students again.

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