1,000th order

WOW, we got our 1,000th order in our shop today! Unbelievable! We would have never thought that our shop will grow so fast. Thanks to all our customers for your trust and loyalty! We really appreciate this success a lot. By the way, the 1,000th order is from a customer living in Lippstadt in Germany.

New Etsy Tool

A few days ago I wrote that Alan wrote a Dawanda tool for us. Now, he also completed a product adding tool for our Etsy shop. The functionality is exactly the same as the Dawanda tool, just adapted to the Etsy settings. Here is a link to our Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/modes4u

New Dawanda Tool

Alan programmed another tool for me to make my work easier. We have a Dawanda shop and sell some of our products in that shop as well. Have a look at our Dawanda Shop: kawaii Planet. Adding products to this shop is really a huge workload, therefore Alan wrote a tool for us that makes it possible to almost automatically upload new products from our product database to Dawanda without me doing a lot. No more “copy-paste”, no more ticking the same boxes, no more uploading of product photos! YAY! I am so excited! This will save me LOOOOTS of time (that I can use to search for more cute products for our shop).

260 new items in the shop

I was really hard working the last 15 days and added 260 new products to our shop! Alan just finished writing a new software tool for me that helps me to write product descriptions, add product photos and upload them to the shop much faster than before. Because of that tool I was able to add so many new products within a short period of time. All those products were lying in our office and waiting to be added. Now they are finally online (and I am exhausted).

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows

Remember I wrote about the Zakka Life Blog and that we are their sponsor now? Jessica received our fabrics and created an amazingly cute project: small stuffed pillows for her daughter’s dolls house. Have a look at her blog post. When you see the first picture, you think those pillows are normal size pillows, but then you scroll down and see that they are actually tiny ones. So cute! We love them! By the way, you can buy the fabric she used in our shop: animal matryoshka fabric

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows 1

Miniature Stuffed Pillows

Zakka Life Project: Miniature Stuffed Pillows 2

Zakka Life Project

Youtube video by a customer

Today I discovered a Youtube video by one of our customers talking about the products she ordered in our online shop. The video is in German, but basically what she is talking about is, how cute those products are 😉 She bought a Tenshi Neko bag, bento box, cutlery set, a memo pad, a Rilakkuma bag and Hello Kitty instant noodles from us. We didnt sponsor this video and I just accidentally found this video today (I was googling for “modes4u”). You can image how surprised I was to find a Youtube fan video about our products. 🙂

New Blog design and Twitter background

We got a new blog design for this blog today! I wanted to have a cuter blog template than the one we used before. Therefore we decided to use one of our favorite and topselling Japanese fabrics as a background picture. It is the pink matryoshka animals fabric by Kokka. At the same time, we also changed our Twitter background to match it to the blog. You can have a look at our Twitter account here: modes4u on Twitter I hope you guys like the new design 🙂

New Blog design and Twitter background 1

pink matryoshka animals fabric

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan

We received some really special cute flip flops from Japan today. They will be perfect for the coming spring/summer on the beach or for the city. The sandals have some really cute prints like bears, cloverleaves, hearts, bunnies, frogs and many more. Have a look at some of the cute sandals:

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 1

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 1

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 2

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 2

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 3

cute Flip Flops from Q-Lia Japan 3

New delivery of fabrics

Today we got a new delivery of fabrics from one of our suppliers. There are Hello Kitty fabrics, cute animals fabric and other sweet prints.

New delivery of fabrics 1

New delivery of fabrics

Sponsor of Zakka Life

We are sponsor of the Zakka Life website! Jessica, the creative mind behind this great blog, approached us and asked if we would be interested in sponsering one of her projects and in return our banner is displayed on her website. We agreed and sent her some cute Japanese fabrics. I am looking forward to see what she is going to make with them. Below you can see our cute banner showing some of our favourite Japanese fabrics. If you like, you can place this banner on your website as well.

Japanese fabric banner