First Orders with Worldpay

We decided to work with a different Credit Card Provider together as we had so many trouble with Moneybookers. Our first choice was Worldpay as they are worldwide well known and seem to be very professional, secure and reliable. We integrated it a few days ago and today we got our first 2 customers paying with Worldpay. Everything went smooth without any error messages or bugs so the Worldpay credit card payment module should work now. I am glad that this is finally installed and working. We had quite a few transaction errors and therefore lost customers and orders because of Moneybookers. This should not happen anymore now.

Call from Amazon

This evening Amazon Germany called me unexpectedly. Amazon offered us to sell our products on their website and we decided to join them. They have quite a few requirements to be able to open a seller account there, so it took us a while to prepare everything, incl. a German bank account, EAN numbers for the products, high quality pictures with white background etc. Finally we got everything together and I sent them an email today to ask for further assistance. And I got a call promptly back and a nice guy explained me everything. That would have never happened with eBay. That’s a good start, let’s hope we will be successful there as well.

Surprise Visit from France

Today we got a suprise visit from France. A couple rang at our office door and introduced themselves as shopowners from France. I was surprised as I have never heard from them before and they didn’t even announce their visit with a phone call. We invited them in and they told me that they would like to buy my Tenshi Neko bags and wallets. I showed them some Tenshi Neko bags and Tenshi Neko wallets and explained our usual wholesale procedure. They left me their contact details so I can send them my wholesale catalogs.

They were really lucky to meet us because its Chinese New Year and therefore a public holiday. We decided to work today (we are so hard working) and catch up on some work. Lucky them 😉

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, or the Chinese would say: Gung Hei Fat Choy! and the mainlanders say: Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Hope everyone has a nice holidays and for all my Chinese readers: Have a nice family reunion. Don’t eat too much 😉

Happy New Year 2009

kawaii merry christmas

Illustration by bleuhmeuhdesign

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2009! We are back in office now after arriving back from Austria where we spent our Christmas Holidays. I hope you all had a good start into the new year and have lots of resolutions to focus on 😉 Be sure, I have lots of goals for our cute kawaii shop for this year and I can’t wait to start.

All the best,
xoxo Sandra

Kawaii Blog “Kawaii Gazette”

The writer of the kawaii blog “Kawaii Gazette” was so kind and added our online shop to her link list. In return I would like to mention her blog here. Have a look: Kawaii Gazette

She writes a lot about kawaii items like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and other cute characters from Asia. But be aware, she writes in Italian 😉

100th order

Today we got our 100th order in our online shop! YAY! That’s a reason to celebrate, don’t you agree? This order went to Düsseldorf in Germany. Thank you!

The first 50 orders took almost 6 months, the next 50 orders almost 3 months only. That’s really good progress and I expect the 150th order will be reached even faster.

Pre-Christmas-Sale in our shop!

From today on we have our Pre-Christmas-SALE *!
We need to clear up our warehouse for the coming season and offer every customer the following:

10% off on each order! (Coupon Code: 10xmas08)
Order items worth 70 Euro: 20% discount (coupon code: 20xmas08)
Order items worth 100 Euro: 30% discount (coupon code: 30xmas08)

Order now to make sure that your items arrive in time before Christmas!

How does it work? Very easy, just go to, add your items to your shopping cart, check out and key in the coupon code on the next page and click “Redeem”. After that complete the check out as usual.

Additional, we have the following offer in our online shop: Buy items worth 60 Euro / 95 USD and we ship your items FOR FREE! Do your Christmas Shopping now and save shipping costs!

We wish you Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Your modes4u-team

*valid till 15.12.2008

hello kitty christmas card

First Sale on Etsy

We got our first order on Etsy already! Who would have thought we will get our first sale so fast? I added our items in the late evening yesterday and overnight we sold 2 stickers to a lady in the US. YAY! Keep the orders coming 😉

Start Selling on Etsy

Today we started selling on Etsy. Yay!

Etsy is a website providing online shops to sellers who sell hand made items, art and craft and supplies. As we have lots of stickers etc., we decided to try it out and start selling our stickers there. They are supplies for making art and craft so they are suitable to sell there.

Here is a showcase of our items there: