Big Project finally finished

Today we finally finished our big “photo editing” project. We decided a few weeks ago to edit all our existing product photos to make them look more professional. I employed a part time student to do the job for us. He was able to edit all of them within a few weeks. It’s such a big improvement, looking at the pictures now, they look so much better. It was a big project including a couple hundred of photos but now it’s finally done. Thanks to Alan (photographer) and Markus (editor) for their help!

Coming up next: Taking pictures of all our new products we just received and editing them as well. Will be lots of work again but I will get some help from some students again.

New Tenshi Neko & Akuma Neko Bags

Today we got lots of new Tenshi Neko and Akuma Neko bags delivered, more than 400 altogether. Luckily we moved to our new office already and have lots of space to store all of them. Tenshi Neko is our bestseller so we have to order new bags frequently. Akuma Neko is a brand new character that was just released. Akuma Neko is the boyfriend of Tenshi Neko and the naughty one. We also ordered some new items today, not just handbags. We got some really gorgeous back-bags, wallets, cosmetic bags etc.

Here are some of our new bags:

Akuma Neko Bag

Akuma Neko bag

Tenshi Neko Back-pack

Tenshi Neko Cosmetic Bag

Tenshi Neko Wallet

Tenshi Neko Bag

Cuteboo Backlink

The writer of the blog talked about our products in our online shop and recommended them to her readers. Therefore, she deserves a backlink to her blog 😉

San-X Meeting

We met with the Japanese boss from San-X Hong Kong today. He is very interested in working together with us as San-X is only focusing on the Asian market at the moment. He wants to expand their products to Europe and North America and we are the perfect partner for them because our wholesale and end-user customers are mainly from Europe, USA and Canada. We have quite a lot of contacts to shop owners who could be interested in selling these products. So we will act as an Official Wholesaler for their products to European and North American markets.

So, if you are interested in buying San-X products in bulk, please contact me by e-mail and I will send you the Official Wholesale catalogs with all their current products including Rilakkuma (Relax Bear), Mamegoma (little seal), Monokuro boo (a black & a white pig), Tarepanda (lazy panda) and many many more. We will also keep a big stock for our online shop and to be able to send out wholesale orders quickly.

San-X Characters

First Impressions

We had a visit from Marcus today to see his first sketches and ideas for our T-shirt collection. It looks quite interesting but still very early days. There is still lots of work to do before we can print them. I will keep you posted about the final collection.

My sis is coming to Hong Kong

YAY, my sister Marion told me today that she is going to visit me in Hong Kong this July. It will be her first time in Hong Kong, even in Asia! How exciting! This will be a very fun time as we love going out together, clubbing, dancing, drinking and having fun. I miss my family and this will be a great chance to spend lots of time with my “little” sis. I will definitely write some posts about what we are doing while she is here. 🙂

Familymy mum, me and my sis

Raining in the Office

OK, here we go again, another problem with the office. While I was working I heard a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. I thought “oh no, not again”. When I checked it out I saw water dripping from the fan and the floor was wet. Great, another leak. I called my husband immediately to tell the landlord about that. A little bit later the door bell rang and the guy from upstairs was in front of my door. He apologized once again and said that he was using some water pressure machine to clean his bathroom. We found out that the water was dripping in from outside and the fan isn’t really water proof. We will need to fix that soon as the raining season will start in June.

French Visitors

Today we had a visit from a french company who is looking for new suppliers for their shops. It is really interesting to meet people from around the world. They are very interested in our skulls fashion items. Let’s see if they will place an oder with us.

Free samples *yeah*

I have to admit, I couldn’t overcome the temptation to order some samples for myself at the trade fairs I visited the last weeks. There were so many gorgeous Christmas decorations, useful household items etc. So I pretended that I am interested in their products and ordered some samples. These days I received a few parcels containing some really beautiful candles, silicon baking forms and some ceramic knives (Alan plans to do some business with them though). Sometimes it is really useful to have a company he he…

Designer Corporation

Today we had a visit from Marcus. He is a student at a Fashion Design College and has some really interesting t-Shirt designs. We talked about a possible future corporation and told him what we are looking for. We need more clothes, especially men-clothing in our shop, so we want to work together to develop some new interesting, unique designs that fit to our current collections. We gave him some input and he will start doing some sketches and show us later on. I’m very curious about the result of this corporation and I am quite sure you will see his t-Shirt designs in our shop soon. I will keep you guys posted about the results.

designer t-shirt
one of Marcus’ t-Shirts

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