Finding the right product, part 2 “my mistakes”

I was looking continuously for new products that I could sell in my eBay shop. I tried out many different things and of course I also made some mistakes.

I got cheated by a wholesaler selling me “authentic” Emily the Strange T-Shirts. I didn’t know the brand in 2005, so I couldn’t recognize that they are fakes. I just liked the designs and quality of the shirts. The wholesaler advertised them as leftovers from the factory and “proved” that by the cut labels inside the t-shirts. They said, leftovers in the factory are marked with this cut to make sure, no one can sell them as “new” items in a shop anymore. That was b**s**, but I believed them. 🙁

Later on, a company sold me some fakes from Juicy Couture, Miss Sixty and Rock & Republic. I was too excited that I found a hot brand supplier to realise that the prices are way too low for these brands. Luckily, I could get rid of the Emily shirts, the Juicy Couture and Miss Sixty items quite quickly (of course eBay cancelled my Emily auctions, too many fakes there). I dropped the Rock & Republic Jeans into a container for poor people in need. I hope they are happy with getting some brand new jeans 😉 At least I did something good to humanity, though I lost some money with them. I also bought some Harrods bags in the market as they were so popular among Hong Kong people. They sold quite well, but I decided that I don’t want to have anything to do with fakes anymore, so I stopped buying and selling them as well.

Juicy Couture Hoodie
Juicy Couture Hoodie

Emily the Strange shirt
Emily the Strange t-shirt

Emily the Strange label
small cut in the label (through the name “Emily”)

Harrods bag
Harrods bag

In 2006, I heard about shops selling leftovers and overstock from factories in China. Many people confirmed that they are authentic items, so I started hunting around Hong Kong to find something suitable. Indeed, I found shops selling some branded stuff, but they also had fakes. So it was really hard to figure out which item is authentic and which one is a fake. I tried out some items from American Eagle, Scary Mary, Pucca, Paul Frank and Phat Farm. That stuff wasn’t suitable for selling because I wasn’t sure about their authenticity, so I quit this idea very quickly.

Scary Mary
Scary Mary t-shirt

Coming Up:
How I finally found the right products for my online shop and for my wholesale business.

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