More bento boxes from Japan

Our bento boxes are selling really well and are very popular with our wholesale customers as well. Therefore we had to restock sold out lunch boxes and also order some new designs from Japan. Today they arrived at our office. They are perfect for bringing your lunch to work/school/kindergarten. Our staff brings her lunch with such box to work every day. It is very useful because the bento box can be closed airtight, the foods stays safely in one place and even keeps the food a bit warm. The bentos are microwave safe, so just remove the lid, put the lunch box with your lunch in the microwave and you have a ready made meal. We even got some cute thermo bottles so you can bring your coffe/tea/soup to work and help the environment. Have a look at the pictures below, they are just so adorable! You never have to feel embarrased again for bringing pre-cooked food to work to safe money on restaurants.

More bento boxes from Japan 1

pink bunny with cupcake bento box

More bento boxes from Japan 2

cute small lunch box with hedgehogs

More bento boxes from Japan 3

baby-blue bento box with white polka dots and ribbon

More bento boxes from Japan 4

triangular-shaped bento box set for rice

More bento boxes from Japan 5

pink thermo bottle with small donuts

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