New cute hoodies

We ordered some more cute hoodies as our bear ear hoodies are really popular among our customers. This time we got a cute brown hoodie with long bunny ears and short sleeves. It is a Korean design and just super cute for a girl or young adult. It can be worn as a normal sweater or as a longshirt/dress with boots.

kawaii hoodie with bunny ears

kawaii hoodie with bunny ears

Another hoodie we got is a grey hoodie with a giraffe print on it. It is also quite long, has fake fur in the hood and a really cute mother giraffe with baby giraffe print on it.

cute hoodie with giraffe print

cute hoodie with giraffe print

And another hoodie we got is a teddy bear hoodie. It is pink, long, has a fluffy teddy bear in the front and also a fluffy hood. Taylor Momsen from the popular TV series “Gossip Girl” has one as well. That hoodie looks great with a pair of leggings and boots.

hoodie with teddy bear

hoodie with teddy bear

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10 Responses to “New cute hoodies”

  • miss sue says:

    do you take order from malaysia?

  • modes4u says:

    Hi Sue, yes, we do ship worldwide. You can find out current hoodies here:

  • cata moya says:

    U still have this hoodies ? 🙂

  • can order to Indonesia , jakarta ? i will back to rusian later..still longg time !

  • modes4u says:

    Hi, sorry, those hoodies are not in stock anymore.

  • ayane says:

    When will you have new clothes?

  • gabi@modes4u says:

    Hi, sorry we don’t know if we will sell clothes again in future. Have a nice day! Gabi

  • Ika Yulianti says:

    cute hoodie with giraffe print ini masi ada ?

  • Kathy says:

    Very Cute!

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