New Tenshi Neko & Akuma Neko Bags

Today we got lots of new Tenshi Neko and Akuma Neko bags delivered, more than 400 altogether. Luckily we moved to our new office already and have lots of space to store all of them. Tenshi Neko is our bestseller so we have to order new bags frequently. Akuma Neko is a brand new character that was just released. Akuma Neko is the boyfriend of Tenshi Neko and the naughty one. We also ordered some new items today, not just handbags. We got some really gorgeous back-bags, wallets, cosmetic bags etc.

Here are some of our new bags:

Akuma Neko Bag

Akuma Neko bag

Tenshi Neko Back-pack

Tenshi Neko Cosmetic Bag

Tenshi Neko Wallet

Tenshi Neko Bag

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  • martin says:

    not much happening here lately 😉

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