Our favourite product of the week: Plush toys

So soft, so cute, so squeezable. We got quite a few new plush toys this week in our huge San-X delivery. We didn’t even find the time to add them all to our shop yet, but still they are our favourite product of the week. It was just so much fun to open the boxes filled with fluffy cuteness. We will be adding new plush toy from Rilakkuma, Korrilakuma, Kiiroitori, Kutusita Nyanko and more any day, so check our New products site to stay on top of things.

What’s new about the plushies? A lot of them are really big, like 30 centimeters and more. Until now we mainly ordered smaller ones that you can also use as charms for your bagpacks or phones. But we thought maybe you’d also like big squeezable plush toys, so we got a couple of different models. Time to start the hugging.

We got lots of new big plushies for our shop

We got lots of new big plushies for our shop

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