Finally we have a Wishlist in our shop!

After so many of you guys asked for a wishlist function in our shop, we finally finished creating one and it is now online. You can even share your wishlist with your friends and family if you are logged in via email, Facebook and Twitter. The timing is perfect for the coming holidays, so you can tell your friends/family easily what you would like to have for Christmas.

Finally we have a Wishlist in our shop! 1

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Merry Christmas 2009!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2009! We are in Austria now visiting my family for Christmas and enjoying our holidays a lot. To give you guys an idea what we are doing, I added some photos below:

Merry Christmas 2009! 1

Christmas Dinner at my home

Merry Christmas 2009! 2

we went to Nurnberg, Germany to visit the famous Christmas market

Merry Christmas 2009! 3

in the Austrian mountains, it was snowing crazily and we had lots of fun.

Merry Christmas 2009! 4

We had to cover our mouth and nose because it was so freezing cold.

Merry Christmas 2009! 5

one of our many crashes with the sled. We always landed in the soft snow so it didn't hurt.

New camera for taking Pics

We bought a new camera for taking product pictures. We used the Canon 30D and replaced it with the newest Canon 7D. It was released today and Alan went and bought it today. He was afraid it will sell out immediately, so he had to get there on the release day. This new camera will help us to take even better pics of our productsand make it easier and faster to take detailed pictures with very nice colours. Of course the camera will be used for other occasions as well, as Alan is a passionate photographer during his free time. 😉 We are going back to my hometown Bregenz in Austria during Christmas and I am sure the camera will be used there very often. 🙂

our new camera Canon 7D

our new camera Canon 7D

Interview Successful Austrian Women

This week I had an interview with a local Austrian newspaper about the topic “Successful Austrian Women“. They interviewed me about my move to Hong Kong, opening my own business here and managing life overseas. The interview was published today in the newspaper called “Wann & Wo“. I got the interview request after my interview about my “after-graduation-experience-in Hong Kong” was published on 1st of February. If you want to read the full interview, please click here. It’s in German and talks about my move to Hong Kong, starting my own business in December 2007 and my online shop modes4u. They also wrote a bit about my personal life, that I live on an island, speak Chinese (Putonghua) and visit Austria once a year during Christmas.


Pre-Christmas-Sale in our shop!

From today on we have our Pre-Christmas-SALE *!
We need to clear up our warehouse for the coming season and offer every customer the following:

10% off on each order! (Coupon Code: 10xmas08)
Order items worth 70 Euro: 20% discount (coupon code: 20xmas08)
Order items worth 100 Euro: 30% discount (coupon code: 30xmas08)

Order now to make sure that your items arrive in time before Christmas!

How does it work? Very easy, just go to, add your items to your shopping cart, check out and key in the coupon code on the next page and click “Redeem”. After that complete the check out as usual.

Additional, we have the following offer in our online shop: Buy items worth 60 Euro / 95 USD and we ship your items FOR FREE! Do your Christmas Shopping now and save shipping costs!

We wish you Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Your modes4u-team

*valid till 15.12.2008

hello kitty christmas card

Free samples *yeah*

I have to admit, I couldn’t overcome the temptation to order some samples for myself at the trade fairs I visited the last weeks. There were so many gorgeous Christmas decorations, useful household items etc. So I pretended that I am interested in their products and ordered some samples. These days I received a few parcels containing some really beautiful candles, silicon baking forms and some ceramic knives (Alan plans to do some business with them though). Sometimes it is really useful to have a company he he…

Another trade fair visit

These weeks many trade fairs are held in Hong Kong. They are just in time for companies ordering for their Christmas business. Alan and I went to a Houseware Fair and we could see lots of Christmas decoration. I must say I LOVE Christmas and seeing all these decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas candles etc. made me really looking forward to this year’s Christmas. Like every year, we will fly to Austria and celebrate Christmas with my family. Can’t wait to see them again and lots of snow and Christmas decoration.

Now, back to what I wanted to write about: We checked out that trade fair because we wanted to see if we can find anything interesting and maybe get a 2nd product range for our business. It is always wise to not just stick to one product range but to extend it and maybe even find a totally different product range for your business. I have a colleague from Germany who is exactly doing this. He is selling ducks (the ones for the bathtub) and he has another online shop selling cherrystones and other natural products.

We found 2 interesting products: One is a factory producing stickers. Stickers aren’t anything special, but they have wall stickers which can be stuck on a wall or any other big surface. It is great to decorate your room. They have designs for children rooms, adult bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen and so on. Some examples of designs: gorgeous flowers, Buddhas, Asian inspired themes and many more.


I also found a factory who makes 3D stickers for decorating bathroom & kitchen tiles, cups, glasses, fridge, MP3 player, PSP, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone and many more. They are really cool because the quality is amazing and after sticking it for example on a tile it looks like it was printed on it, not just a sticker. And the 3D effect is really amazing too. We were totally surprised that a sticker can look like a print. With these stickers it will be easy to change your bathroom, kitchen or any of your decoration within seconds. You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on new tiles, glasses or whatever anymore. The stickers are even removable, so you can change the design as often as you want. Here is a photo of some examples, unfortunately you can’t see the quality:

3D Sticker

I hope we can find a way to produce and sell these products very soon. We can even make custom made designs. So anyone interested, please contact me by e-mail.

I have to admit I couldn’t resist when I saw all these gorgeous candles and ordered some samples for myself. That’s one of the advantages when you have a company, you can order free samples for yourself, but don’t tell anyone. 😉