DIY day in our office

We had a fun DIY day in our office today. Pui Chi, my sister-in-law, came to our office to start her own new project. We work together with her to help her make her own chop collection and she will also make some buttons for our shop. We ordered all the machines and equipment already and today we tried out all of them. She made some really cute buttons with some leftover Hello Kitty fabrics and Japanese fabrics. Then we tried out the chop machine. I was really surprised, the chop making machine is amazing. The quality of the final product is really, really good. I documented our day with some pictures:

DIY day in our office 1

Hello Kitty buttons and strawberry buttons made by us

DIY day in our office 2

cute button made with Japanese Kokka fabric

DIY day in our office 3

first step to make a chop: we designed it on a computer, then printed it on special paper

DIY day in our office 4

next step cutting out the chop sponge and transfer the image onto the sponge with the special machine

DIY day in our office 5

we dropped a few drops of ink onto the chop sponge and started testing. The result is very nice and very detailed.

New Kutsuwa products available

There are new Kutsuwa clay products available in our shop now. We got 2 more clay sets to make your own donuts, macaroons and other sweets and we finally got some glitter, deco stones and more for decorating cellphones, NDS, PSP and more. There is also a yellow Fuwa Fuwa clay in store now. All products are from Japan and have the perfect Japanese quality.

New Kutsuwa products available 1

Japanese DIY clay set for making macaroons and other sweets

New Kutsuwa products available 2

DIY clay set for lots of different donuts

New Kutsuwa products available 3

yellow Fuwa Fuwa clay from Japan

New Kutsuwa products available 4

tiny decoden items

DIY Hello Kitty Curtains

How to make your own Hello Kitty curtains? It’s easy. You only need the right Hello Kitty fabric, a sewing machine and a bit of sewing know-how. A customer of us made some really cute Hello Kitty curtains for her daughter’s bed. She also made matching Hello Kitty bedclothes. Have a look at the pictures she sent us. For a closeup look, please click on the picture.

Hello Kitty Curtains DIY

Hello Kitty Curtains DIY

Hello Kitty Bed Curtains

Hello Kitty Bed Curtains

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