Bar Code Scans

Today I had to scan all our products with a bar code to update our database. The reason behind this is that Amazon requires all items to have EAN numbers to be able to list them on their site. We haven’t used bar code scanners till now so I had to scan all our products today. Luckily that work is done quite quickly if you have a bar code scanner. Very soon we can upload our products to Amazon, I can finally see the end 😉

Call from Amazon

This evening Amazon Germany called me unexpectedly. Amazon offered us to sell our products on their website and we decided to join them. They have quite a few requirements to be able to open a seller account there, so it took us a while to prepare everything, incl. a German bank account, EAN numbers for the products, high quality pictures with white background etc. Finally we got everything together and I sent them an email today to ask for further assistance. And I got a call promptly back and a nice guy explained me everything. That would have never happened with eBay. That’s a good start, let’s hope we will be successful there as well.