our Benefits Slide Show

We worked on a new slide show for our front page in our shop during the last few days and we finally finished it today. I am very happy with the result because it shows very nicely why a customer should buy in our shop and what benefits he/she has. We also included some really nice and fun pictures of our business. The 5 main benefits are:
1) Safe Shopping
We provide safe shopping by using SSL encryption in cooperation with secure payment providers like PayPal, VISA and MasterCard. We do not store any sensitive information on our servers. The payment process is done on a secure, encrypted website directly provided by our bank and PayPal.
2) Free Shipping
We offer the lowest international shipping costs possible, so you can enjoy shopping with us even more! Buy items worth 60€ (US$78, £54) and we ship your order worldwide FOR FREE!
3) Big Community
We have a big community fan base on Facebook with over 16,000 fans! Get the latest news, giveaways and gifts and “like” our Facebook Page now!
4) Import from Japan & USA
We import the latest high quality products directly from Japan, USA, Korea… and offer them for a very attractive price.
5) Ready to Dispatch
All our products are in stock. When we get your order, we will ship it within 24 hours and every order comes with a FREE GIFT!

New Information Slide Show 1

our new front page

Worldwide Shipping

I get continuously emails from customers asking if we ship to this country or that country. We had a worldwide shipping logo placed on every page of our online shop and also explain in our shipping details that we do ship worldwide. However, people still seemed to be unsure if we ship to their country. We changed the Worldwide Shipping logo to a much bigger one now which is very easy to see on every page of our shop. I hope this will help our customers to see quickly, that we do ship worldwide and even offer free shipping for orders above 60 Euro / US$78 / £54. If anyone has any further recommendations for us, please let us know by email.

Worldwide Shipping 1

our new worldwide shipping logo

Worldwide Shipping 2

the new logo integrated on our website (on the right side)

Pre-Christmas-Sale in our shop!

From today on we have our Pre-Christmas-SALE *!
We need to clear up our warehouse for the coming season and offer every customer the following:

10% off on each order! (Coupon Code: 10xmas08)
Order items worth 70 Euro: 20% discount (coupon code: 20xmas08)
Order items worth 100 Euro: 30% discount (coupon code: 30xmas08)

Order now to make sure that your items arrive in time before Christmas!

How does it work? Very easy, just go to www.modes4u.com, add your items to your shopping cart, check out and key in the coupon code on the next page and click “Redeem”. After that complete the check out as usual.

Additional, we have the following offer in our online shop: Buy items worth 60 Euro / 95 USD and we ship your items FOR FREE! Do your Christmas Shopping now and save shipping costs!

We wish you Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Your modes4u-team

*valid till 15.12.2008

hello kitty christmas card

3rd order in our shop

And here comes the 3rd order in our online shop. This time a lovely lady from the UK ordered some items in our eBay-shop. I offered her free shipping if she orders in our online shop instead. So she did 😉 She called me later because she had some questions about our payment terms. I helped her to pay and the items will be shipped tomorrow. One more happy customer 😉

1st order in our onlineshop

YES, today we received our first order in our onlineshop modes4u. The lady is from Germany and bought 4 items at once to make sure that she gets the free shipping. We offer free shipping for orders above 60 Euro. I am sure this idea will work very fine with my customers as they usually order more than one item.

Online Shop released !!!

FINALLY, our online shop www.modes4u.com is online and ready for orders, just in time for the Easter holidays. The shop was officially released on Thursday, 20.3.2008. We have quite a lot of products online now but there are still items missing because we got new stock that we haven’t taken pictures of yet. So visit our online shop frequently for updates and new products. 😉

We have a great offer for our online shop customers: Shipping costs for small (low weight) items are just 3 Euro per item, big items (heavy weight) cost 5 Euro. This offer is valid to any country worldwide. Additionally, for any order worth 60 Euro or more we offer FREE SHIPPING! Isn’t that great? 😉

I wish you Happy Shopping and lot’s of fun in our online shop!

xoxo Sandra