Meeting with Kokka in Hong Kong

We work with Kokka fabrics closely together, of course it helps that they have an office in Hong Kong. 😉 Therefore, we have a very good business relationship with them and visit their office every once in a while to talk in person, discuss future plans and collaborations and give them some feedback we received from our customers regarding their fabrics. Today’s meeting was very important for us because we wanted to discuss the sales of Kokka fabrics in Germany. When we started working with them they told us that some fabrics are not allowed to Germany because another company has the exclusive import rights for those. We agreed to that and followed their rules. After 2 years we became a very good customer for them and they decided to review this arrangement. Alan and I went to their office to discuss this issue. The meeting was very successful, we are now allowed to sell almost all Kokka fabrics to Germany. We are very happy about that and our customers must be even more happy. I got countless emails before asking why we cannot sell those fabrics to Germany.

After the meeting we had a Chinese lunch together with the boss and one more staff and chatted about business, travelling to Japan and other topics. It’s nice when you know your suppliers in person and also know something private about them. It is a lot more fun doing business like that.