Giveaway Winner Anouncement

We draw 30 random winners for our giveaway:

1) carmel: carmelita@xxx

2) Angelika: s_angelika3@xxx

3) Jingle: jinglesells@xxx

4) Ivonne: ivonne.h@xxx

5) Ionie Thomas: ionie_thomas@xxx

6) emily: emilyfinch32@xxx

7) Simone Münstermann: mone@xxx

8 ) HoopBunny: hoopbunny@xxx

9) Sonia: sonia.solci@xxx

10) Paw-paw: paugalang@xxx

11) Aliyah: aliyahhr@xxx

12) janita: janitalatifa@xxx

13) Alexa Thun und Hohenstein: alexakuepper@xxx

14) SuperLuna: decoradarling@xxx

15) Sarah: sarahzevenbergen@xxx

16) samira yussuf: superstarsammy@xxx

17) Marina: isollea@xxx

18) Amira Savoy: hellosaranghae@xxx

19) Felicity: tvr28lz@xxx

20) trixx: trixpixel@xxx

21) chuchoo: dboulette@xxx

22) Tania: tania.enokibara@xxx

23) Juli Drappeldrey: morgaine1999@xxx

24) Tiffany: aozora.sanpo@xxx

25) Kasia Kawczynski: princess.rei@xxx

26) steph: jrseniors@xxx

27) hiiime: pandaboer@xxx

28) Frances: mirrorandmoon@xxx

29) Ruriyuki: ruriyuki@xxx

30) Ingrid: homocore@xxx

We removed the end of every email address, to protect their privacy. We will contact everyone by email directly.

Congrats to the 30 lucky winners!

Crazy big cute Giveaway

To celebrate our 17,400 fans on our Facebook Fansite we finally have a new giveaway here on our blog. We chose 30 awesome cute prizes for you guys.

You can win one of these kawaii prizes:

cutlery, tissues, tapes and more

cutlery, tissues, tapes and more

1 green frog chopsticks + box

1 yellow bear chopsticks + box

1 pink/purple Hello Kitty tissue (4 prizes available)

1 cute deco tape (4 prizes available)

1 penguin jewelry holder

1 Rilakkuma travel tag for suitcase

1 blue bear cutlery set (2 prizes available)

1 ChooChoo cat tissue (2 prizes available)

1 deer memo pad

Re-Ments and cute jewelry

Re-Ments and cute jewelry

1 out of 6 Re-Ments (6 prizes available)

1 matryoshka-flower earring set (3 earrings included)

1 cherry earrings set

1 giraffe earrings set

1 pink cloverleaf ring

1 cute golden grandpad wristband

cute backpack and bag

cute backpack and bag

1 Tenshi Neko backpack

1 cute black handbag with golden ribbon

For a chance to win one of the 30 prizes, you must:

1) Go to our kawaii shop modes4u, and comment below this blog post what would be your favorite Christmas gift from our shop! (1 entry)

For additional chances to win (leave a separate comment for each entry):

2) “Like” modes4u’s Facebook page. Leave FB name with comment. (1 extra entry)

3) Follow us on Twitter here. Leave Twitter name with comment. (1 extra entry)

4) Add one of our banners to your blog, website etc. You can find the banners here. Post a link to your blog in the comments below. (5 extra entries!!!)

5) Tweet about this giveaway and post your tweet URL in the comments below. You can tweet once a day until the deadline! Just copy the words below and paste it on your twitter. (1 extra entry)

WIN cute goodies from @modes4u! HUGE kawaii Giveaway with 30 prizes! Enter here -> #giveaway

6) Blog about this giveaway and post a link to your blog post in the comments below. (2 extra entries)

7) Subscribe to our blog via Google Friend Connector on the right sidebar. (2 extra entries)

Entries will be accepted until Monday, September 26, 2011, Midnight GMT. We will notify the winners the following day! You will have 48 hours to claim your prize or we will have to pick another winner.


Winners will be chosen through, so the more entries you have, the more chances of winning!

our Benefits Slide Show

We worked on a new slide show for our front page in our shop during the last few days and we finally finished it today. I am very happy with the result because it shows very nicely why a customer should buy in our shop and what benefits he/she has. We also included some really nice and fun pictures of our business. The 5 main benefits are:
1) Safe Shopping
We provide safe shopping by using SSL encryption in cooperation with secure payment providers like PayPal, VISA and MasterCard. We do not store any sensitive information on our servers. The payment process is done on a secure, encrypted website directly provided by our bank and PayPal.
2) Free Shipping
We offer the lowest international shipping costs possible, so you can enjoy shopping with us even more! Buy items worth 60€ (US$78, £54) and we ship your order worldwide FOR FREE!
3) Big Community
We have a big community fan base on Facebook with over 16,000 fans! Get the latest news, giveaways and gifts and “like” our Facebook Page now!
4) Import from Japan & USA
We import the latest high quality products directly from Japan, USA, Korea… and offer them for a very attractive price.
5) Ready to Dispatch
All our products are in stock. When we get your order, we will ship it within 24 hours and every order comes with a FREE GIFT!

New Information Slide Show 1

our new front page

Cute Christmas Countdown in our shop

We just set up a really cute Christmas Countdown in our shop so everyone can get more and more excited about Christmas coming soon 🙂 We just love Christmas, don’t you too? Here is our super cute kawaii Christmas Countdown:

Worldwide Shipping

I get continuously emails from customers asking if we ship to this country or that country. We had a worldwide shipping logo placed on every page of our online shop and also explain in our shipping details that we do ship worldwide. However, people still seemed to be unsure if we ship to their country. We changed the Worldwide Shipping logo to a much bigger one now which is very easy to see on every page of our shop. I hope this will help our customers to see quickly, that we do ship worldwide and even offer free shipping for orders above 60 Euro / US$78 / £54. If anyone has any further recommendations for us, please let us know by email.

Worldwide Shipping 1

our new worldwide shipping logo

Worldwide Shipping 2

the new logo integrated on our website (on the right side)

Blog Giveaway on Sweet Tidings

We have another blog giveaway anouncement: Sweet Tidings is hosting a modes4u giveaway on their blog! Sweet Tidings is a blog talking about all things handmade and as we are selling lots of supplies for making handmade goodies, we thought we team up and do a giveaway together. You can win a fabulous prize: a handmade deer stamp, 10 suprise handmade fabric buttons, a cute iron-on patch, a letter set and DIY donut felt set. This giveaway ends October 11, 2010. You can get more entries by following us on Facebook, Twitter and/or write a blog post about this giveaway. Now, go to Sweet Tidings’ giveaway blog post and join this cute giveaway!

Blog Giveaway on Sweet Tidings 1

Blog Giveaway on Sweet Tidings

Jaebumfangirl hosts modes4u Giveaway

Jaebumfangirl is hosting a modes4u giveaway on her blog. She writes about fashion and interesting accessories and hosts also a lot of giveaways. We decided to do a Tenshi Neko bag giveaway together with her. So go to her blog, comment below the kawaii giveaway and you may win a cute pink Tenshi Neko schoolgirl bag! Giveaway ends on 9th of October 2010. Good luck everyone!

Jaebumfangirl hosts modes4u Giveaway 1

you can win this cute Tenshi Neko bag

New Facebook Fanpage landing page

We have a new Facebook Fanpage landing page! This is a new feature on Facebook and we had to get one so people can get an overview over our fanpage without having to go through all the wall posts. The landing page is the first page people see when they are not our fans on Facebook yet and go to our fanpage. The result is a really cute landing page, I think it is very suitable for our kawaii online shop. Have a look at a screenshot below, I hope you like the new Facebook Fanpage landing page as well.

New Facebook Fanpage landing page 1

our Facebook Fanpage landing page

First YouTube Subscribers

We have a YouTube channel where we posted a few videos about our office, work and products so far. Today we got our first subscriber! I know that’s nothing really special but I thought it’s a good occassion to mention our YouTube channel here on our blog. Here is the link to our YouTube channel: modes4u YouTube channel We also uploaded a video we took in Tokyo, Japan. We plan to take more movies of our products and our work and upload them on our channel. Please let us know if you have any suggestions what kind of videos you would like to see!

First YouTube Subscribers 1

our YouTube channel

Expanding our warehouse space

We ordered some more shelves for our office so we can expand our warehouse space and stock more products. We totally ran out of space and had to get more shelves. I took some pictures to show how hard we worked today 😉

Expanding our warehouse space 1

the first few new shelves are standing

Expanding our warehouse space 2

we plan to expand our fabric section

Expanding our warehouse space 3

all Kutsuwa products (DIY clay sets) got their own shelves

Expanding our warehouse space 4

after we finished: the fabrics have more space now and we are ready to receive the next fabric orders 🙂

Expanding our warehouse space 5

more space for our Kokka fabric bolts

Expanding our warehouse space 6

part of our stock + the packing area

Expanding our warehouse space 7

me working on my desk (on the left side is Pui Chi, my sister-in-law who was making buttons in that moment)

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