New animated clay banner

We made a new animated Polymer Clay Banner for our shop. If you like, you can copy this banner and use it on your blogs/websites etc. We also have an animated Kokka fabric banner, which can be downloaded here: Kokka banner (right click and save image) Feel free to comment below and tell us where you show our banner. Thanks!

New animated clay banner

2nd Shop Anniversary

Today our shop is 2 years old! We opened our kawaii shop on 20th March 2008 and we have come very far since then. Our shop is successully operating to employ 3 people fulltime and keep us busy. We have lots of plans for the 3rd year of our shop including lots of new products, a new shop template, more functions in the shop and a lot more. Happy Birthday modes4u!

New Business Cards arrived

Today we finally received our new business cards. We were bored with our old business cards and designs new ones. The background pictures used are Japanese fabric patterns by Kokka. We will add to every order one of those super cute cards. I hope everyone likes the new business card.

New Business Cards arrived 1

business card front

New Business Cards arrived 2

business card back

New Etsy Tool

A few days ago I wrote that Alan wrote a Dawanda tool for us. Now, he also completed a product adding tool for our Etsy shop. The functionality is exactly the same as the Dawanda tool, just adapted to the Etsy settings. Here is a link to our Etsy Shop:

Youtube video by a customer

Today I discovered a Youtube video by one of our customers talking about the products she ordered in our online shop. The video is in German, but basically what she is talking about is, how cute those products are 😉 She bought a Tenshi Neko bag, bento box, cutlery set, a memo pad, a Rilakkuma bag and Hello Kitty instant noodles from us. We didnt sponsor this video and I just accidentally found this video today (I was googling for “modes4u”). You can image how surprised I was to find a Youtube fan video about our products. 🙂

My Husband quit his job

Today my husband finally quit his fulltime job as a Project Manager in a IT department. We are so super busy with our online shop and our wholesale business so we decided it is time for him to quit and join my business. We were planning this for a long time and the day has finally come. He will join me on 1st of October 09 and at the beginning he will write lots of new small software programs for us to make our work easier, more efficient and especially faster. There are a lot of work steps that are really time consuming and repetitive so this software should help us with that. He will also take care about our shop and write some new cool functions for it. I can’t wait for him to start working with me together in our office. It will be lots of fun 😉

100 followers on Twitter

YAY today we got our 100th follower on Twitter. Very excited because I just started there for a little while now and I was so surprised that people started adding me without me doing any advertisment about my Twitter account. To follow me, please click here: modes4u on Twitter I write about small bits and pieces about my business, news, new products and life in Hong Kong as a foreigner.

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter

500th order

YAY, today we got the 500th order in our kawaii shop modes4u. Thanks sooooo much! The 500th is going to Hawaii! What a beautiful place, I wish I could join my parcel 😉

400th order

Sorry for not writing earlier but we were so busy the last weeks and we got our 400th order already! Our 400th order is from a customer in Preston in the UK. Thanks so much!

I will update you when we get our 500th order in. Can’t wait to get there 😉

More Pics from the new office

Some people asked me to add more pics of the office after our move was finished. So I took some pics today in my office and you can see them below. As you may recognize, there is still some empty space. We plan to buy some more shelves as we are buying more and more products and expand our stock. We will also buy 1-2 tables for my husband to work here and for taking pictures of our products.

this is my table where I work

this is my table where I work

some of our shelves filled with products

some of our shelves filled with products

our new office, still being a bit empty

our new office, still being a bit empty

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