We are published in a book!

Wohooo, I have great news today: I received a book from France today. What is so special about this book? My shop www.modes4u.com is published in it! We were talking with the author of this book a while ago and sent her some clay products for her book project. Now, the miniature sweets book is finally published and we are in it! We are all so excited here. I think everyone can imagine that 😉 Here are pictures of the book pages we are mentioned on:

We are published in a book! 1

miniature sweets made with clay book

We are published in a book! 2

our polymer clay canes are shown here

We are published in a book! 3

picture of our Fuwa Fuwa clay sets

We are published in a book! 4

our shop is listed in the 'supplier' section

We are published in a book! 5

I was even thanked for personally for helping making this book 🙂

New function: Order History

Good news everyone, we have a new function in our shop: Order History. You are now able to login to your account and check the status and details of your previous orders. We also included the product number, product picture and link to the product description. I hope this will help our customers to conveniently check their previous orders and get a quick overview which orders are pending and which ones have been shipped already.

New function: Order History 1

overview of all your orders in your account

New function: Order History 2

detailed view of an order

Button Cuteness Overflow

Look at all those cute buttons! Aren’t they the most adorable things you have ever seen? I love seeing lots of different cute things together on one picture. It is so interesting to look at these kind of pictures and find all those cute things on it. Every time you discover another cute little thing 😉 You can order those kawaii buttons in our shop: cute fabric buttons

Button Cuteness Overflow 1

the cutest buttons ever

Finally we have a Wishlist in our shop!

After so many of you guys asked for a wishlist function in our shop, we finally finished creating one and it is now online. You can even share your wishlist with your friends and family if you are logged in via email, Facebook and Twitter. The timing is perfect for the coming holidays, so you can tell your friends/family easily what you would like to have for Christmas.

Finally we have a Wishlist in our shop! 1

add your favorite items to your wishlist

Turning off our old software today

As I mentioned before here, we are switching to a new software to handle our products, customers, orders and a lot more. We tested this new custom made software for one month now and we are ready to turn off the old one. Bye bye Afterbuy! We won’t miss you 😉 Our new software is going to make our life a lot easier and will even make it possible to ship orders faster! How? The post office closes at 5pm, so the last orders can be packed at 4pm. With this new software, we can get the latest paid orders to our shipping department just before 4pm and therefore ship them on the same day. Before, we couldn’t do that and had to ship those new incoming orders the next day. And now it is time to turn off the old software and use the new one! YAY

3000th order in our shop

YAY YAY YAY we got our 3,000th order in our shop today! We can’t believe how popular our shop is now! Thanks to everyone for your support, your recommendations to your friends and family and more! Our 3,000th order is from a nice lady from Magnolia, Texas, USA. Thank you! We promise we will keep working hard on making this shop the cutest shop with the most kawaii products on the internet!

New Shipping Costs

From today on, we are using a new shipping costs system. We planned to do this for a long time but we wanted to develop the most possible fair solution. We developed a formula based on the order’s total weight because the Hong Kong Post fees are based on weight in 10gr steps. Additional we wanted to offer combined shipping so it was quite tricky to find the right formula. But we finally got the right solution. Most orders’ shipping costs will be lower now, especially shipping costs for small, light products decreased a lot. How does it work? You take the shipping costs of the 1st item (single shipping) and add the combined shipping costs for every additional item. When you add products to your shopping cart, it automatically updates the shipping costs and you can see the total shipping costs there. You can find further explanations about the new shipping costs including examples in our online shop. We hope the new shipping costs are easy to understand and not confusing. If you have any suggestions, recommendations etc., please let us know via email, Facebook, Twitter or this blog.

New Hello Kitty fabrics

Lots of new Hello Kitty fabrics arrived at our office today. There are lots of new cute prints with Hello Kitty, her friends, animals, hearts, dots, Hello Kitty as a baby and many more. Have a look at the pictures below, if you click on the pictures you will be redirected to our online shop and you can buy the fabrics there.

New Hello Kitty fabrics 1

Hello Kitty winter pattern on canvas fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 2

cute Hello Kitty fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 3

blue Hello Kitty fabric

New Hello Kitty fabrics 4

Hello Kitty babies with dolphins and toys

New Hello Kitty fabrics 5

kawaii Hello Kitty with baby fabric

New Category ‘New Products’

As we are getting so many new products every week, we decided to make a new category in our online shop called “New Products“. This category shows all products we got within the last 2 weeks and they are ordered by date. That means when you click into the category, the top item is the newest product we added to the shop. I hope this category helps our customers to get an overview of the latest products we have in our kawaii shop.

New Category 'New Products' 1

screenshot of our shop with the new category

2000th order

Today we got our 2,000th order in our online shop www.modes4u.com! Wow! We are so proud of that. Our 2,000th order goes to a customer in Bournemouth in the UK. I have been to Bournemouth a few years ago, it’s a cute little city at the Southern coast of the UK. We would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers who support us so much and are also so kind, friendly, funny, patient and more 🙂