Bye Bye Alibaba!

We have been a Gold supplier on for 2 years now and we decided to stop promoting our wholesale business there. We are just too busy with our existing customers and our retail shop and don’t have the time anymore to accept any new wholesale customers. Therefore, we decided to shut down our Alibaba Gold supplier account and focus on our online shop instead. I am sure we will not regret this decision.

we got this Gold Supplier badge from Alibaba

we got this Gold Supplier badge from Alibaba

New Kokka Wholesale Catalog Spring 2010 arrived

We just got the newest wholesale fabrics catalog from Kokka Japan today! It is the Spring 2010 catalog with the newest designer fabrics by Kokka. If you are interested in the wholesale catalog, please contact us by email.

New Kokka Wholesale Catalog Spring 2010 arrived 1

newest Kokka Wholesale Catalog Spring 2010

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010

We got the newest licensed fabric catalog 2010 from Kokka this week and updated our Kokka wholesale catalog. Please contact us by email if you are interested in getting this catalog. Please only contact us if you have a registered business. This catalog includes all the newest Japanese fabrics from Kokka including Trefle, Push Pin, Eau de Mer, November books, Story books etc. Below you can see some of the fabrics already available in our shop:

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 1

Little Red Riding Hood fabric

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 2

Cinderella Japanese fabric

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 3

Peter Pan Kokka fabric

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 4

Bremen Town Musicians fabrics from Kokka Japan

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 5

cute deer fabric Eau de Mer by Kokka

New Japanese Fabric Wholesale Catalog 2010 6

pink cupcakes gauze fabric from Japan

Customer from France visiting us

Today a very good customer from France visited us at our new office. They placed a few orders already and wanted to finally meet in person and discuss future collaborations with us. I also showed them some items from our showroom and they took them with them to show to their customers. My customer is a buyer for big companies like Carrefour in France, therefore this business opportunity is really great for us and them as well. I am really looking forward to keep working together with them in the future.

1 Year Anniversary of our Shop

Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our kawaii shop!!! YAY! Exactly one year ago we launched our new kawaii shop and it has happened a lot since then. The start was slow, as it is hard for every new online shop to get visitors, and more importantly CUSTOMERS. We invested a lot of time and effort into making our shop more “Google-friendly” and did a lot of internal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring our shop to the top search results in Google. It was a good decision as our shop is now listed very well for important keywords we have. Therefore, the number of visitors and customers grew steadily since the beginning and we are almost at the 200th order mark now. Another very good decision was to allow our wholesale customers to order directly online instead of ordering from catalogs. This way, our wholesale customers are able to see what items we have in stock right now and can make their bulk orders and get the items fast. I expect a lot from our cute shop for the 2nd year: A lot more visitors, customers and of course ORDERS.

To a great, successful and fun 2nd year!!!

Your modes4u-Team

Visit from Alibaba

I got a visit from 2 representatives from today. Alibaba is the biggest sourcing website for finding suppliers in China and Asia. Until now we had a free account there to promote our company and products to possible customers in Europe and USA. We get enquiries almost every day but having a free account has a big disadvantage: the number of products is limited to 50pcs only. A friend of mine got a Gold Membership last year but never activated it because of personal reasons and he offered me to take over his membership for free. That is a really generous offer because usually these memberships cost around 40,000 HKD (~ 4,000 EURO) per year.  I promised him to send him a cheque if we find a lot more customers with this new account. 😉 So the guys from Alibaba came to check out my office and verify the business address. I will get the new Gold Member account within the next few days and I will be able to upload and promote as many products I have. Keeping my fingers crossed to find more potential wholesale customers for my business.

Visit from an old customer

An old customer of us visited me today in my office. He is from Germany and wanted to see our current products. Last year in April he visited me for the first time, I wrote about it here. He was our first visitor visiting us at our new office. Today, he ordered some items we had in stock and we may be also helping him to make a new online shop and optimize it for Google. His current shop isn’t suitable for Google and Alan will be able to optimize it for him. Alan is really knowledgeable about Google Search Engine Optimization and a very skillfull programmer. Anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization SEO, please have a look at his website: SEO Expert

Surprise Visit from France

Today we got a suprise visit from France. A couple rang at our office door and introduced themselves as shopowners from France. I was surprised as I have never heard from them before and they didn’t even announce their visit with a phone call. We invited them in and they told me that they would like to buy my Tenshi Neko bags and wallets. I showed them some Tenshi Neko bags and Tenshi Neko wallets and explained our usual wholesale procedure. They left me their contact details so I can send them my wholesale catalogs.

They were really lucky to meet us because its Chinese New Year and therefore a public holiday. We decided to work today (we are so hard working) and catch up on some work. Lucky them 😉

First online Wholesale Order

Yay, we just released the online-wholesale-order opportunity and just received the first order. That’s great, I am sure our wholesale customers will appreciate this great offer and use it often.

Wholesale Shopping available now

We worked very hard on adding this. From now on, our wholesale customers (retail shop owners, online shops, wholesaler etc.) are able to create a wholesale account on our website and then they will be able to login and see our items with wholesale prices. This way, they are able to see our current stock, detailed photos, quantity, prices etc. and can order directly online. It is much more convenient than any other way like catalog orders or by email, fax etc. I wish I could order like this from the manufacturers and other suppliers we have.

Anyone interested in ordering from us in bulk? There is NO minimum order quantity, just a minimum order value of 300 Euro (or 474 USD) per order. More detailed wholesale information can be found here: Wholesale Information

Our items are suitable for shops selling kawaii, Japanese, Asian, Rock, Rockabilly, Emo items and other cute, crazy shops.