New Spring 2011 Kokka catalog

Today the courier brought the newest Spring 2011 Kokka catalog directly from Japan. All the new Kokka, echino, miriporun, petite ecole and November Books fabrics are included. There are lots of new cute fabrics available. And the best news: We ordered some of them already and they should arrive by the end of next week (around 15th of October). I am so glad shipping bo boat from Japan to Hong Kong only takes 1 week. We should be one of the first shops selling those fabrics around the world! If you have a company and are interested in ordering those fabrics with wholesale prices, please contact us by email: and we will send you our Kokka wholesale catalog.

New Spring 2011 Kokka catalog 1

the new Spring 2011 Kokka catalog

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3 Responses to “New Spring 2011 Kokka catalog”

  • lori martinez says:

    Please send me a wholesale catalog,thank you

  • modes4u says:

    Dear Lori, I just sent you an email.
    Best regards, Sandra

  • Shawn says:

    •?• Kyaaaaa!! Yo Quiero Uno , Neeee! ^w^ ??? *corre a buscar la dicirceon…vuelve* …Ah! y la pagina esta muy buena ^.^ espero que sigan posteando cosas kawaii!Sha-neeeeee! >_n

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