Interview Successful Austrian Women

This week I had an interview with a local Austrian newspaper about the topic “Successful Austrian Women“. They interviewed me about my move to Hong Kong, opening my own business here and managing life overseas. The interview was published today in the newspaper called “Wann & Wo“. I got the interview request after my interview about my “after-graduation-experience-in Hong Kong” was published on 1st of February. If you want to read the full interview, please click here. It’s in German and talks about my move to Hong Kong, starting my own business in December 2007 and my online shop modes4u. They also wrote a bit about my personal life, that I live on an island, speak Chinese (Putonghua) and visit Austria once a year during Christmas.


Our Amazon Shop is open

Today our Amazon Shop was finally released after a last check up by Amazon. You can find us on Amazon Germany here: Kawaii Welt. “Kawaii Welt” is the shop name and means “Kawaii World” in German. For the moment, we will sell our Tenshi Neko bags, Mimori items and our products from San-X with Rilakkuma and Mamegoma. If we get a good feeling with these items, we will start adding more items, especially from our kawaii line. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a successful start on Amazon Germany. I will keep you updated about success or (hopefully not) failure in the near future.

Amazon call for Help

I received a call from Amazon again today. This call was arranged in advance to help me listing our products on Amazon. The guy on the phone explained me how to set up the Amazon Seller Account and how to create the Excel file with our product data. I was glad that he called. This way he could answer all my questions and I could set up everything without any problems and delay. We never got this kind of service or support from eBay. Luckily we don’t sell there a lot anymore. Our items should be online on the Amazon site within the next days. YAY!

Bar Code Scans

Today I had to scan all our products with a bar code to update our database. The reason behind this is that Amazon requires all items to have EAN numbers to be able to list them on their site. We haven’t used bar code scanners till now so I had to scan all our products today. Luckily that work is done quite quickly if you have a bar code scanner. Very soon we can upload our products to Amazon, I can finally see the end 😉

My 1st Newspaper Interview

This week I was interviewed by an Austrian local newspaper called “Wann & Wo” about my life abroad. My university in Austria contacted me and asked if I would be willing to give an interview based on my experience after graduating from university and starting my own business in Hong Kong. I agreed and today the newspaper printed my interview. Here is a link to the page for anyone interested in reading it: Wann&Wo-Interview. Keep in mind, the interview was deducted in German 😉


Call from Amazon

This evening Amazon Germany called me unexpectedly. Amazon offered us to sell our products on their website and we decided to join them. They have quite a few requirements to be able to open a seller account there, so it took us a while to prepare everything, incl. a German bank account, EAN numbers for the products, high quality pictures with white background etc. Finally we got everything together and I sent them an email today to ask for further assistance. And I got a call promptly back and a nice guy explained me everything. That would have never happened with eBay. That’s a good start, let’s hope we will be successful there as well.

Happy New Year 2009

kawaii merry christmas

Illustration by bleuhmeuhdesign

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2009! We are back in office now after arriving back from Austria where we spent our Christmas Holidays. I hope you all had a good start into the new year and have lots of resolutions to focus on 😉 Be sure, I have lots of goals for our cute kawaii shop for this year and I can’t wait to start.

All the best,
xoxo Sandra

Chinese Bank Account

I got a new source of some suppliers in China and they have only bank accounts in China. So we had to get a Chinese bank account ourself. First, we opened a bank account at China Merchants Bank in Hong Kong and then Alan went to China and opened another account there at the same bank. Really complicated, but these banks here work like that.

We tried to use the internet banking today but it didn’t work. So we called to the Hong Kong branch and asked why and they said, we can only have one internet banking for each ID. Now, that is stupid. Alan has to go to the Hong Kong branch again and apply to connect these 2 accounts together so we will be able to transfer money from Hong Kong to China and then from there to our suppliers. Such a complicated procedure but, on the other hand, the fees are really low. So, who complains? I can’t wait to get this working so I can order lots of new items for my kawaii shop.

Fashion Week Hong Kong 2008

We went to Fashion Week 2008 in Hong Kong today and checked out the new trends for the coming season. I love Fashion Week, seeing all these clothes, bags, shoes and accessories is just a dream for a girl. 🙂 We even found 2 companies who make some really interesting collections. One has a line with skulls, tatoo style prints, a bit similar to Ed Hardy. The other one is an agent for a New Zealand designer. She makes really pretty cute things with a character called “Misery“. We plan to work together in the future and distribute their products in Europe.

New Project Taking Pictures

Today we started with our new project of taking pictures of all our new products. Yesterday I met with a design student whose hobby is taking photos and discussed with him the details. Now, he and a friend of him are taking pictures of all our new products.

We got lots of new products the last few weeks but never had time to take care of them. Now they are busy taking photos of hundreds of products. I also told them to take pictures of our clothes with the new mannikin we got. It will present our clothes better than before. I can’t wait to see the final pictures. It should take a few days for them to finish and then Markus will take care of the editing.