Re-Ment Miniature items arrived!

We finally have Re-Ment miniature products in our shop! Re-Ment is famous for cute miniature items, hand-painted and of very high quality from Japan. They have lots of miniature cake, sweets, donuts, ice cream, food, cute animals and characters, Hello Kitty miniature and many many more. The interesting thing about Re-Ment items is that they come in a box with multiple small boxes or packages inside. Those boxes/packages are sealed and you cannot see what is inside. They are called “blind boxes“. Every collection has usually around 8-12 different themes, and each box/package has one theme inside. So you will be surprised which item you get. We had some fun and built a cute tower with some of the Re-Ment boxes, have a look at the pics 😉

Re-Ment Miniature items arrived! 1

lots of Re-Ment boxes

Re-Ment Miniature items arrived! 2

many cute miniature items from Japan

Re-Ment Miniature items arrived! 3

miniature sweets from Japan

Re-Ment Miniature items arrived! 4

cute strawberry theme

Re-Ment Miniature items arrived! 5

kawaii miniature cakes from Japan

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2 Responses to “Re-Ment Miniature items arrived!”

  • Eliza says:

    do you ship to the Philippines?

  • modes4u says:

    Hi Eliza,
    yes of course we send to the Philippines as well! We even ship your order fore free if your order items above US$78!

    Cheers, Sandra

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