Turning off our old software today

As I mentioned before here, we are switching to a new software to handle our products, customers, orders and a lot more. We tested this new custom made software for one month now and we are ready to turn off the old one. Bye bye Afterbuy! We won’t miss you 😉 Our new software is going to make our life a lot easier and will even make it possible to ship orders faster! How? The post office closes at 5pm, so the last orders can be packed at 4pm. With this new software, we can get the latest paid orders to our shipping department just before 4pm and therefore ship them on the same day. Before, we couldn’t do that and had to ship those new incoming orders the next day. And now it is time to turn off the old software and use the new one! YAY

Software testing

This month I am busy testing our new software. Until now we used a software from Germany called Afterbuy to handle our product database, customer database and our orders. As we were growing bigger we got to the limits of this software. We decided at the beginning of 2010 to change to a new software. We tested different commercial software for 1 month but couldn’t find anything suitable for us and our business model. Therefore, Alan, my husband, who is a very experienced programmer, started to program a custom made software for our business. It was a very big decision for us because we are only 3 people working fulltime for this business, me, Alan and one packing staff. So one person spent his whole time on programming and I had to take over managing the business which was growing significantly the last months. It was really hard work but Alan finally finished the software at the end of July and we started testing it this month. As there are still lots of bugs and changes, we have to run both software at the same time which means double work for me. But we plan to shut down the German software at the end of this month and only use the new software. I can’t wait for this to happen because it will make a lot of my work easier, faster and more efficient. I would like to thank Alan for this great software! THANK YOU!!!