Super cute kawaii deco tapes

We got some really super cute deco tapes. There are designs with cherries, polka dots, kitties, bears, strawberries, birds, mushrooms and many many more. Have a look at the pics and click on the pics to go to my shop.

deco tape

pink strawberry bird deco tape

deco tape

kawaii mushroom rainbow deco tape

deco tape

kitty food deco tape

deco tape

cute pink heart deco tape

deco tape

kawaii pink cherry deco tape

deco tape

bunny cupcake deco tape set

deco tape

kawaii kitty mushroom deco tape set

deco tape

pink cute deco tape set

deco tape

cute bunny kawaii deco tape set

New kawaii clay items available now!

This week we got some new items we haven’t had before. We have now miniature clay items like fruits, flowers, animals, sweets, cakes, candy etc. They can be used for miniature craft-projects, miniature cakes, decorating cell phones, artificial nails, Nintendo, PSP etc. Please click on the pic to go directly to the product in our shop.

clay sticks

cute clay miniature fruit sticks

apple clay

cute apple slices made of clay

watermelon clay

kawaii miniature watermelon

lime clay

miniature clay lime slices


mini roses for artificial nails

clay cake

miniature chocolate cake slices

gingerbread man clay

miniature gingerbread man

strawberry cake

purple minature cake

heart cookie

miniature cherry cookies

Visit from an old customer

An old customer of us visited me today in my office. He is from Germany and wanted to see our current products. Last year in April he visited me for the first time, I wrote about it here. He was our first visitor visiting us at our new office. Today, he ordered some items we had in stock and we may be also helping him to make a new online shop and optimize it for Google. His current shop isn’t suitable for Google and Alan will be able to optimize it for him. Alan is really knowledgeable about Google Search Engine Optimization and a very skillfull programmer. Anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization SEO, please have a look at his website: SEO Expert

150th order

Today we got our 150th order in our online shop! That is really great! YAY! The 150th order is from a lady in Freiburg, Germany. Thank you!

The first 50 orders took almost 6 months, the next 50 orders almost 3 months, these last 50 orders took only 2 months and 3 days. I expect to get to the 200th order in around 1.5 months. I will keep you posted.

Surprise Visit from France

Today we got a suprise visit from France. A couple rang at our office door and introduced themselves as shopowners from France. I was surprised as I have never heard from them before and they didn’t even announce their visit with a phone call. We invited them in and they told me that they would like to buy my Tenshi Neko bags and wallets. I showed them some Tenshi Neko bags and Tenshi Neko wallets and explained our usual wholesale procedure. They left me their contact details so I can send them my wholesale catalogs.

They were really lucky to meet us because its Chinese New Year and therefore a public holiday. We decided to work today (we are so hard working) and catch up on some work. Lucky them 😉

Happy New Year 2009

kawaii merry christmas

Illustration by bleuhmeuhdesign

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2009! We are back in office now after arriving back from Austria where we spent our Christmas Holidays. I hope you all had a good start into the new year and have lots of resolutions to focus on 😉 Be sure, I have lots of goals for our cute kawaii shop for this year and I can’t wait to start.

All the best,
xoxo Sandra

Kawaii Blog “Kawaii Gazette”

The writer of the kawaii blog “Kawaii Gazette” was so kind and added our online shop to her link list. In return I would like to mention her blog here. Have a look: Kawaii Gazette

She writes a lot about kawaii items like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and other cute characters from Asia. But be aware, she writes in Italian 😉

100th order

Today we got our 100th order in our online shop! YAY! That’s a reason to celebrate, don’t you agree? This order went to Düsseldorf in Germany. Thank you!

The first 50 orders took almost 6 months, the next 50 orders almost 3 months only. That’s really good progress and I expect the 150th order will be reached even faster.

Chinese Bank Account

I got a new source of some suppliers in China and they have only bank accounts in China. So we had to get a Chinese bank account ourself. First, we opened a bank account at China Merchants Bank in Hong Kong and then Alan went to China and opened another account there at the same bank. Really complicated, but these banks here work like that.

We tried to use the internet banking today but it didn’t work. So we called to the Hong Kong branch and asked why and they said, we can only have one internet banking for each ID. Now, that is stupid. Alan has to go to the Hong Kong branch again and apply to connect these 2 accounts together so we will be able to transfer money from Hong Kong to China and then from there to our suppliers. Such a complicated procedure but, on the other hand, the fees are really low. So, who complains? I can’t wait to get this working so I can order lots of new items for my kawaii shop.

First Impressions

We had a visit from Marcus today to see his first sketches and ideas for our T-shirt collection. It looks quite interesting but still very early days. There is still lots of work to do before we can print them. I will keep you posted about the final collection.